The big Granny  

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The big Granny

The Big Old Granny
By Rick

I was surprised when I got a phone call at work yesterday. It was from Ruth ( not her real name ) a friend of my great aunt. She told me that my great aunt had told her that I would be able to help her out with a problem. It seems that Ruth’s daughter had bought her a DVD player. The problem was that her daughter lived in California and Ruth had no idea how to hook a DVD player. Her daughter had also sent her some DVD’s of the grand children. Ruth wanted me to hook up her new DVD player and show her how it worked. I told her that I would be happy to help her out. I said that I could be there by a little after five if that was ok with her. She said that would be wonderful. There was one more thing, could I hook up her computer to the internet. She wanted to be able to email her daughter and grand children. I told her that it would be fairly easy for me to do and I wouldn’t mind at all.
I arrived at about 5:15 and rang her door bell.
“Come in I’m making a martini.”
Oh great, I thought, a drunk and I have to teach her how to use her computer and her DVD player. She will be calling me everyday for a month. I walked in and she had a quart pitcher full of martinis! Wonderful, I thought, she will pass out if she drinks all that. She poured two martinis and handed me one.
“Now we all work better with a little drinkie or two in us.”
“No thanks I have to drive home, I love martinis but not if I have to drive.”
“You young people worry to much about that sort of thing.”
“It’s been a long time since anyone called me young I’ll have a sip or two. That’s a very nice martini! There is something different about it. I know you used Bombay sapphire gin and a little bit of potato vodka! Very nice.”
“A man after my heart, someone that appreciates a good martini and knows his booze!”
The truth of the matter was that I did like her body. She was in her early seventies about 5’4” and close to 300 pounds. A huge percentage of her weight was in her monster tits. Her ass was also very large. Her white hair and pale skin made her dark eyes look almost jet black. She finished her first martini in two gulps and poured her self another one. I spent the next half hour hooking up her DVD player to her TV, which was almost brand new, a 42” flat screen plasma! I also hooked up her brand new computer to the cable modem she had. I was very impressed with her electronic equipment. She finished her pitcher of martinis and made a new one. The fact that she was still walking was impressive enough but the fact that she showed no signs of being at all drunk was almost scary.
“You have only had two sips of you drinkie I’m way ahead of you!”
“I’ll have a couple of more sips it really is very nice. Now let me hook up your web cam so your daughter and grand children can see you as well as talk to you.” I plugged in the web cam and used the disk that came with it to install it.
“Now do you want me to show you how to use the DVD player or the computer first?”
“The DVD player first please.”
I showed her how it worked. Fortunately her TV has a lot of inputs and was easy to use and she took notes. Then I showed her how to log on to the internet, because it was a bit different than her old dial up, We logged on to her email and she had some from her daughter and she was excited about that. Her daughters email had told her to get the messenger and what her screen name was. I got her address and downloaded the instant messenger for her. Then I added her daughters screen name to her friends list. I showed her how it worked and how to use her web cam. Ruth was taking notes and asking some pretty good questions for someone with enough alcohol in her to kill the average person half her age.
“I suppose that I should be careful about who a allow to see my web cam. I understand there are a lot of strange people on the internet. Some are real perverts.”
I laughed and said. “There are a lot of us perverts out there some ever worse than me.”
“I didn’t know you were a pervert your aunt never mentioned that to me.”
“I’m not sure she knows, I never mentioned it to her.”
Ruth laughed and swallowed yet another martini like it was just water.
“Then you want to see these!” She pulled her top off her incredible tits were exposed. “Nice aren’t they and all real! 56FF and ready for some fun!”
I reached over and lifted one it was quite heavy! Her nipples were a solid 4 inches across.
“Well lick it and see what else we come up with!”
I licked on one and then the other. The popped right out. Ruth moaned and pulled me into her. She was very strong for a woman her age, about 70.
“Damn drinkies always make me horny! Lets do this computer stuff later and go to my bedroom and fuck!” She picked up her pitcher of martinis and led me to her bedroom. She had a huge California king bed. She was naked before she sat down and put her pitcher down. “I haven’t done this in a while but it’s like falling off a bike you never forget. Give me a kiss.”
I kissed her and played with her huge tits for a few minutes. Then I fingered her pussy and sucked hard on her nipples until she came.
“That felt great Rick just let me have a sip of this martini but don’t stop.”
I slid down and pushing her huge thighs apart I licked her clit as I fingered her pussy. She came a couple more times. Then I got on my knees and slipped my cock in her hairy cunt and fucked her hard and fast as I gently pinched her clit. She came three more times before I did.
“You have to come over and help me every day.”
“Well I could come over a couple of times a week if you like.”
“I like that idea! Now lets get dressed so you can show me how to chat with my daughter and grand children.”
I did show her how it worked and her daughter came on line just before I left. She was happy that her mother was able to see her and her children. Since the web cam has a built in microphone they were able to talk to and see each other.
“Thank you for taking care of my mother I appreciate it.” Her daughter said.
“The pleasure is all mine.” I said and left for home and dinner.

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Good writing, Rick.

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