The bible thumper  

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The bible thumper

The Bible Thumper
By Rick

I’ve known Pat (not her real name) for years. She is a very pretty blonde haired blue eyed short heavy woman. She has always been a bible thumper I can not tell you how many times she has called me a sinner. I have never denied that by the way.
She seems to have forgotten all about her problems. I know that she is divorced because her husband caught her with another man. I know that she drinks way to much and she and the truth aren’t the best of friends. She once told me that she caught her husband with another woman but since I’ve known her husband all my life I know better. I’ve seen the divorce papers. She has also denied drinking but I’ve seen her so drunk that she can hardly walk.
Anyway she was on one of her rants about people who don’t go to church. She was knocking on doors in the trailer park Sunday morning telling all of us to go to church or we would go to hell. She knocked on my door I was just sipping my first coffee of the day. I was in my bath robe and went to the door and opened it and asked her what she wanted.
“I want you to get dressed and go to church or you’ll surely go to hell. You have sinned and you need god in your life.”
“I never denied being a sinner, I love sin especially with a nice heavy woman like you. I’ll tell you what I’ll go to church with you if you come back here and spend the rest of the day having sex with me. Since sex without the benefit of marriage is a sin you can tell me which you enjoyed the most.”
She left without a comment. Damn!

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