Karen the PHD and I  

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11/2/2005 10:59 am

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Karen the PHD and I

Karen and I grew up as next door neighbors. We were more like brother and sister than just friends. Since we were both short and fat and the middle child we Had a lot in common. There was never any question that she was smarter than I but she never lorded it over me. I wasn't stupid but just not as smart as she was. When she called me a few weeks ago to tell me about catching her husband banging a 20 year old student she was more upset than I had ever seen her. She has kicked him out of the house and filed for divorce. The other day she called me and asked if I could help her pack her soon to be ex-husband's things. I agreed and last Saturday went to he home to help. We backed several big moving boxes of his things. Then she found a large envelope in a drawer in his dresser. It was under his sweaters. The envelope contained pictures of what appeared to be his students. They were all naked and looked like that had all been taken in the bed that he and Karen had shared for 26 years. I told Karen to save them and tell her lawyer about them.
"Why? He isn't denying that he was playing around." Karen asked.
"Well not now but if he changes his story after he talks to a lawyer you have proof right here. The funny thing is that some of these pictures even have the date on them." I said.
"Oh yes our camera has that option and he always used it. I never liked having the date on a picture it ruined the picture as far as I'm concerned." She said. "I think these pictures are his property do I have a right to keep them?" She asked.
"Call your lawyer and see what he thinks."I said.
Karen did call her lawyer and he told her to bring the pictures to his office the next day and that she had a perfect right to keep them. If he had them her husband would not be able to get them from her home. I told Karen to bring them to her lawyers office right away and while she was out I would change the locks on her doors and the security code in her garage door opener so her husband couldn't get into the house without her permission. I had already purchased the new dead bolt locks as well as locking door knobs for her house. She agreed and took the envelope to her lawyers office. When she got back an hour later I had finished changing the locks and was reprogramming her garage door opener. She was excited because her lawyer had looked at the pictures was pleased. He also told her not to mention the pictures to her husband. If he asked about them she was to tell him that her lawyer had them. We finished packing his stuff and were ready when her husband came to get them. He was quite upset when he saw the dead bolt locks.
"Why are you here?" He asked me.
"Moral support Karen doesn't want to be alone with you. Also she wanted a witness to confirm that she handed your things over to you." I said with a slight grin.
"Asshole!" he said and loaded his things in a rented truck and drove away.
I looked at Karen and said. "I think he doesn't like me."
We both laughed.

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11/7/2005 8:03 am

Hi, Rick.
Any chance of you and Karen ever gettin' it on?
Being married, isn't it a bear gettin' away from the house at times?

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