A strange dream  

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A strange dream

A dream that surprised me
By Rick

All the names have been changed except mine.
I had a dream the other night that surprised the heck out of me. It was about this nice lady that I have known for several years. She is a waitress that I see almost every week. She is a very nice woman in her late thirties or maybe her early forties. Lets call her Jean, not her real name. She is cute and thin and has a great voice. But since the only time I ever see her is with my wife and I know that she has a male friend I guess I never thought of her sexually. That in and of it self is strange in my case because I always think of what a woman would be like in bed. Any way here is my dream.
One Friday night while having dinner I noticed that Jean is a bit more chatty than usual and she seems to be nervous. Since we see her almost every Friday night we chat quite a bit. I know that she works at least two jobs so I just assumed she is tired. My wife goes to the bathroom and Jean stops by our booth and gives me a business card.
“My cell phone number is there call me tomorrow. Maybe we can meet I think we could have some fun.” Her face turned bright red as she handed me the card. I put it in my wallet and handed her my credit card. My wife had just came out of the bathroom. “I’ll be right back, Jean said loudly and left.”
“She seems a bit tired today.” My wife said as she sat down.
“Yes she does, must be working to hard.” I replied.
I signed the credit card receipt and we left. I was thinking about her all the way home. The next morning my wife went shopping with her mother and I called Jean.
“Hello this is Rich you surprised me last night.”
“Well I surprised myself to but for some reason I had to try. Bob, my boyfriend, is going on a fishing trip to Canada next Saturday and will be gone for a week. I just wanted to try something different. I hope you aren’t offended!”
“Oh no I’m quite flattered that you even thought of me. The good news is that my wife is going to Vermont to visit an old college friend next weekend.”
“Good call me after 8 Saturday morning he is leaving at 5 A.M., an ungodly hour to get up just to drive to Canada. We can make plans then. Yes dear I’ll be right in I’m talking to my son now. I have to go see you Friday and if there are any changes I’ll let you know.”
“Ok I’m all excited about this I’m glad you thought of me.”
That Friday Jean was chatting with us and mentioned that her husband was going fishing for a week in Canada. My wife told her about visiting her friend from college. I had a hard time not looking at her tiny little tits and her perfect little ass. But I did control myself.
My wife left at 7 A.M. and I cooked my self some breakfast and waited until 8. then I called Jean.
“Good morning has he left?”
“He actually left at 4! Hell I went right back to sleep. Has your wife left?”
“Yes she left an hour ago. Where do you want to meet?”
“My place, if that’s OK with you.”
“That’s great where do you live?”
She gave me directions and said to come right over she would be by the pool getting a tan. She also said that I didn’t need to bring anything just to get my butt over because she was all excited. I drove out to her place I only got one turn wrong but figured that out quickly enough. Her double wide was on a good sized lot in the country and was surrounded by tall pine trees she had a lot of privacy. I walked around the back and could smell her cigarette as I neared the above ground pool. I went up the stairs and she was sitting on a chair wearing a tiny pink bikini. Her pubic hair was sticking out around the bottom.
“Come on in Rich we are alone. Would you like some coffee or maybe a beer?”
“A bit to early for beer for me coffee would be fine.”
She pointed at a coffee pot near the diving board and told me to help myself. I did.
“Would you put some suntan lotion on me?” She grinned and took the top of her bikini off and the stood up and took the bottom off. She grinned and squeezed her tiny tits and handed me the suntan lotion. “They aren’t big but they do like attention!”
Not being completely stupid I rubbed suntan lotion on her shoulders and then licked her nipples. They got hard very quickly and Jean moaned and started to pull my shirt off. I stripped and the continued to play with her nipples as I fingered her pussy. It took her a while to cum but when she did she made a lot of noise.
“I’m a loud cummer! I hope that doesn’t bother you.”
“No I find it exciting.” I then got on my knees and started to lick her clit and finger her. She came much faster this time and louder to.
“Fuck me doggie style I love that!” She bent over and, what a beautiful view! Her nice small round ass and her pretty pussy facing me and her ass hole just pouting at me. I slowly pushed my cock in her wet pussy and she started moaning very loudly. I pushed a finger gently into her ass and stroked that at the same speed as my cock was stroking her pussy.
“Shit that feels great! I love it!” She said as she came several times in a few seconds. I was afraid that she would loose her voice she was screaming so much. I came and continued to pump her until my cock was limp.
“That’s a nice start to the day.” She said.
That was when I woke up with a hard on. I’m just not sure how I will be able to keep a straight face when I see her this Friday. I’ll probably have the same dream that night!

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