Fantasy Taxi Dare (reposted)  

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Fantasy Taxi Dare (reposted)

It was 3 A.M. I had been up all night chatting on the internet and sharing my nude and
sexually explicit photos with dozens of people. I had been chatting off and on with Doug all night.
Turned out, he lived nearby and sounded like a lot of fun. He wanted very much to play with me and
after a bit of coaxing he convinced me to allow him to meet me for some nude in public play. I had
related some very specific ideas to him about some things I wanted to try and he got so caught up in
the fantasy that by the time I agreed to meet him I was not sure how much of what we planned was my
idea or his. He added some sexy and exciting ideas that just were so tempting that I finally agreed
to meet him.

I allowed Doug to pick me up at the all night supermarket parking lot near my house. It was within
walking distance and I did not have to worry about him knowing where I lived in case he turned out to
be that crazy obsessive maniac you always fear you will meet on the computer. All I carried with me
was a small wrist strap wallet with some "emergency cash" in it. I did not even take my ID. What we
were up to was a bit risky and there was always the chance I could be arrested or stranded or ???
My God was I crazy? What was I thinking? I almost turned to go back home when I saw the little brown
Honda enter the lot.

Doug drove up to me and introduced himself. Right away, he put me at ease by telling me if I was
having second thoughts about this he would understand and I did not have to go through with it if I
did not want to. He would not be angry if I changed my mind. He must have realized how nervous I was.
I got in the car and he turned off the engine so we could discuss a bit how and where we might
accomplish our daring escapade.

I told him there was a Park and Ride lot for the Metro Rail nearby but if we were going to actually
do this, I wanted to find something a bit further away. I did not want the experience to end too soon.

First he gave me his cell phone number which I tucked away in my wrist pouch. I made sure I did not
carry any cell phone with me so it would not be too easy to get "help" for my eventual predicament.

He drove me to a Park and Ride in another city, some 22 miles from my house. With each mile, I got
more nervous and excited.

I made sure I was wearing an inexpensive dress that buttoned all the way down the front and I had
nothing else on but shoes.

When we got to the Park and Ride lot, there were 3 taxis there and the drivers were all leaning on
their cars, smoking and talking while they waited for fares.

Doug pulled up near the cabs. He left the motor running as planned and asked me if I was ready to
give this a try. I took a deep breath and told him yes. Before we got out of the car, he took my hand
and squeezed it. "This is making me so hot already", he said. "I can't wait to see how this turns out".
I gave a nervous laugh and he said, "come on, let's give these guys an eyeful and then some."

We got out of the car and walked over to the ring of taxi drivers and Doug took the initiative. "Hi",
he said to the drivers. I noticed his camera in his hand all ready to take photos. The cab drivers
returned his greeting. One of them asked if we wanted to hire a cab. "Actually", Doug said, "we don't
need to go anywhere, I just wonder if you would be so kind as to help us win a $200.00 bet?" "I'll
give you each $20.00 if you help us out." (That came out of nowhere...Doug and I had never discussed
paying the drivers for anything other than a taxi ride!)

"What do you need us to do?" they wanted to know. Doug reached his hand out to me and sort of
escorted me into the middle of the three men. "This is Linda", he told them "and she has been
challenged to get totally naked and pose for photos with one or more complete strangers. All you have
to do is let her take off her clothes and then just pose with her. You can even touch and fondle her
if you want to, as long as we can take pictures of it." (Whoa! This was another wrinkle we had not
discussed, but I felt my pussy begin to drip with juice when he told them that!)

They all kind of looked at one another and although one of them looked hesitant, the other two were
definitely interested. One of them had a smile on his face and a gleam in his eyes that promised he
would be very much fun in this situation. I saw him looking me up and down apparently undressing me
before we even got to that part!

Finally they all shook their heads in agreement and then all 4 men turned to me expectantly. It was
time! OMG I was so nervous I could hardly handle the buttons as I began to unfasten my dress. When I
got near the bottom of the row of buttons, I looked around the parking lot for any signs of security
cars and then dropped the dress off my shoulders and let it drop at me feet. I bent over and picked
it up to lay it aside when Doug said:, "Here let me hold that. I don't want it in the pictures." He
draped it over his shoulder and began to give me directions to stand in the middle of the 3 cab
drivers. It was so exciting to be standing there in the pre-dawn hours with not a stitch of clothes
on for 4 complete strangers. Doug began to snap pictures.

After a couple of shots, the third driver, the one who looked so eager, reached his hand out and
began to gently pinch my nipple. I just about exploded. It was so deliciously naughty. Just then a
car drove in and parked nearby. I almost panicked. "Shit, give me my dress Doug, there is a man
getting out of that car!"

"Forget about it", Doug said. "You have to finish this dare before I give you your clothes. So what
if he sees? The more the merrier!"

Oh Christ. This was more than I bargained for. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach now.

The man who drove in was now out of his car and walking directly toward us. He had to pass the taxi
stand to go to the Metro platform and the trains would begin running in another 15 minutes or so. I
hoped we could wrap this up before too many passengers began to show up.

The stranger headed toward us had a briefcase in his hand and a cell phone to his ear. As he got
closer and saw me standing there nude being fondled by now two of the taxi drivers he stopped cold
in his tracks. He was now close enough that I could clearly hear him tell the person on the phone.
"I'll call you back." He took the last few steps toward us and looked me fully up and down before
he asked if I needed any help.

I told the stranger that I was not in any danger and I was sorry if I offended him but we were just
trying to complete a dare for money. He said he was not the least bit offended and in fact he found
the situation a very nice way to start his day. He held up his picture cell phone. "Do you mind if I
snap a pic or two as well?" Before I could answer, Doug replied, "Not at all! Help yourself. Take all
the photos you want and then be sure to post them all over the internet!" (Yes! I loved that idea and
Doug knew it)

So there we were. Three men posing with me, two of them fondling my tits and two men taking photos of
it, and I had never met any of them before that night!

A moment later, the most eager of the three cab drivers leaned down and took one of my nipples in his
mouth. He bit it gently and before I could get over that, he reached his hand down and slipped two
fingers into my very wet pussy! Oh Jesus, I just about lost it! My knees went rubbery and week and I
could hardly stand. I was so horny and excited by now, if any of them had laid me across the hood of
the cab and fucked me I think I would have just let it happen.

Then there was another set of headlights coming.
"OK" I said to Doug. "I think I have fulfilled the dare now don't you? So please give me my dress
and let's get out of here before someone else shows up."

I watched as Doug put the lens cap on the camera and the stranger reached out his hand to me.
"Thanks", he said. "My name is Bill and I would love to chat with you sometime." He handed me
business card. "It has my phone numbers and my e-mail address on it. Please drop me a line or
give me a call. I would love to know more about you." I took the card and shook his hand. "Thanks"
I said, I love meeting people when I am naked" (This was certainly the truth)

I turned to Doug to retrieve my dress and he started to hand it to me, but at the last moment
snatched it back..."oh!" he cried, " I just thought of something to put the perfect end to this dare.
Hang on a minute, let me get something from my car." And he turned and headed back to his automobile
that was idling with the driver door open, carrying my dress with him.

I began to thank the cab drivers and we all introduced ourselves. I reached into my wrist pouch and
handed them each a small paper that had my web site and e-mail address on it. "Take a look at the
site in a day or two" I told them, and we will post the photos for you to see."

It was then I heard the car door close and Doug began to drive away. I stood there helplessly
watching as he drove by waving my dress in the air like a battle flag. "Good luck honey! And thanks,
this was fun! We must do it again sometime." And off he went leaving me there in the parking lot
stripped bare and exposed to the world.

"Oh Shit! Oh Fuck! Oh Damn!" I turned to the cab drivers. "That son of a bitch!", I exclaimed. "I
can't believe he would do this." "I was being such a player going along with this stunt for him and
now he drives off and leaves me here!"

I asked the third cab driver (he told me his name was Larry) if he would please let me hire his cab
to go home. I showed him I had enough cash in my wrist pouch to pay him and he told me to get in. "But",
he said as I reached for the handle on the back door, "I wonder if you would ride up front next to
me?" "Sure, why not?" I replied and got into the car. He got in and drove out of the lot as we said
goodbye to Bill and the other cab drivers.

"I am sorry", I began as we drove away. "What are you sorry for?" he asked. "Because Doug promised
to pay you $20.00 and he stiffed all 3 of you." "What are you kidding?" he asked. "Do you really think
we cared about the money? It was awesome just being a part of this baby. It is not every day you get
some woman who wants to get naked for you in front of God and everybody!"

The ride home was lengthy, made even more so as Larry conspicuously got conveniently "lost" a few
times. He did not put the meter on until long after we left the parking lot and he turned it off way
before we got to my house to make up for it. Every once in a while he would reach over and touch my
tit. At one point he asked me to turn sideways and spread my legs for him so he could get a good look
at my pussy. "I won't charge you for the trip if you do this" he told me. After a moment thinking
about it, I abandoned what was left of my better judgment and spread them wide so he could see
better. In order to facilitate this he pulled into a Jack In The Box parking lot and set the parking
brake. As I presented my very wet pussy to him he boldly reached out and shoved his fingers inside
me. I watched him intently as he fingered me. We made a lot of eye contact while he shoved his
fingers deeper and deeper inside me pumping them in and out and making me breathless. It only took a
few good strokes and my cream oozed out all over his gooey hand. I shivered with the orgasm and just
before he settled himself back into a driving position in his seat, he leaned over and gave my pussy
a long slow lick and planted a smacking kiss on the clit.

Then he calmly put the car in gear and began to slowly back out of the space. "Hope you don't mind" he
said, "but I have to ask. Do you enjoy doing this? Exposing yourself to strangers and letting them
play with your naked body?" "Oh yes very much!", I confessed. "it is almost unbearably exciting!"
"OK then", he said, "then there is just one last thing." And with that he pulled into the drive thru
lane of the Jack In The Box as he said "I am really just dying for a cup of coffee and a burger".

He placed his order and pulled the cab thru to the window. A bored looking woman came to the window
to take his money and her eyes popped when she saw me sitting naked on the passenger seat. She did
not comment, but just told the driver that it would be a few moments before the order was up. She
walked away from the window and in a moment two young men appeared near the window from the back.
It was obvious that the woman had told them about the naked fat woman in the cab at the window, and
they tried to look casual as they tried to get a glimpse.

That was when Larry spoke up. "Don't be shy men, it is OK if you want to look at my nude passenger.
She likes it when strangers look at her naked. Come on over and get a good look!" Soon they were both
leaning out the drive up window as Larry directed me to "present" myself to them. "Go ahead and
spread your legs for them....Give a good look at the sweet pussy Linda" I was absolutely compelled to
oblige. As I did so, he informed them if they had picture phones, they could take a couple of shots.
One of them immediately reached into his pocket under his apron and produced his phone. He started
snapping away as Larry once again inserted his fingers in my wet slit. The boys were both beaming by
the time the woman brought the food. As we drove away, Larry handed me the bag. "Are you hungry?" he
asked. I told him that I was not hungry and I thought that the burger was for him. "Hell no," he
said. "I just wanted coffee, but that would have not taken very much time at all" He winked at me
and grinned as he pulled out of the parking lot to take me the last few miles to my house.

It was almost full daylight when we pulled up to my driveway. My neighbor was walking out to his
car and I did NOT want him to view me getting out of this cab wearing nothing but shoes and a wrist
pouch. So Larry let me wait as I hunkered down a bit in the seat while the neighbor drove away.

I thanked Larry profusely for the fun he had helped me have and we even exchanged phone numbers.
He told me he would love to "play" again soon.

I offered him cash for the ride and he very generously declined.

I got out of the cab and went to my door. I bent down to retrieve the key I had left hidden there

for the night knowing that Larry's eyes were on my naked ass as I did so.

I unlocked the door and turned to wave goodbye watching the cab drive away.
When I got inside, I immediately booted up my computer to find the photos Doug had taken were
already uploaded to the internet.

My computer alerted me that I had a private message. It was from Doug. I signed into the chat
room we met in earlier that previous night and found him there......

>Doug694u: So? Tell me all about it! I can't wait to hear. Oh and when do you want to pick up
your dress?

mangobalddick 66M

9/19/2006 10:37 pm

a great story. I could not keep my dick in my pants reading. how I wish I lived in La Mirada again!

caliguy453 73M

12/5/2006 5:36 pm

I just read your post about the naked cab ride. I am hard as a rock and wishing you were here so I could squeeze your nipples too. It sounds like the perfect thing to do right now.


Terrynce 40M

4/10/2007 11:38 pm

Hello Linda this is Terrynce and I have to say that I read your entire story from beginning to end and just like an action movie had my mouth hanging by a thread. Now I thought I was bad in have sex in ovious places such as the beach a park, in the back of a police station and so forth but what you did topped it all. A woman fearless and brave, I totally applaude you. If I had a female naked body I probably would do what you do and probably fuck every Tom Dick and Hairy but I am not and just seeing you and how you handle your business thanks for the story and I am going to read and respond to all of your true live events and am looking forward to them all.................

cookie1958538 60F
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8/31/2007 12:53 am

hey linda great story...the EVENT of the had me smiling from ear to ear...keep it up...I'm sure you do ...I have a few stories too but that topped mine...cookie

Shattalon36 47F

10/3/2007 8:50 pm

great story keep it up

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