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Fantasy Exposed at work (reposted)

I came into work early that morning in order to catch up on some paperwork that needed attention.
The office was quiet and I was enjoying the time alone
(the other 3 girls would not be in for a couple of hours yet)
when one of the men came in from the warehouse to bring me the list of supplies that needed to be
ordered. "Hey Will, what's up?" I greeted him. "You tell me", he replied and gave me an
uncharacteristic wink. He turned to go and I thanked him for bringing me the order list and
he said, "No problem, let me know if I can do anything for you." He stressed the word anything and
I wondered what was on his mind. He had a mischievous grin on and a wicked sparkle in his eye.
No sooner had he left then, I got a visit from another of the men from the warehouse.
"Hey Linda" he said, "have you got any aspirin or Tylenol?" "No, I am sorry", I told him "I'm afraid
I don't" I replied. Concentrating on the papers I was working on I did not look up at him.
"Then how about a band-aid?" he asked. I thought I must have misunderstood him.
"What?" I asked as I looked up at him. "Which do you need a pill or a bandage?"
He leaned over my desk resting his elbows on the counter and lowered his voice as he replied
"Either will do if you will be my nurse." This behavior was not typical around the job.
The company has a strict sexual harassment policy and it has a broad encompassing definition.
I decided to play it off. "Yeah right!" I said, "you need to go back to work before your supervisor
catches you off the floor." He turned to leave smiling at me as he said "OK I will be seeing you!"
and he laughed as he walked out of the door.

It was several hours later when I picked up my ringing phone and was summoned to the office of the
shipping manager; my supervisor, Vernon. His office was at the far end of the warehouse/loading dock
so I had to walk through most of the work area in the huge warehouse where the 60 or so workers were
busy pulling and packing orders and loading trucks. There were 7 trucks from 5 different
transportation companies backed into the dock and the drivers were all standing around talking to each
other while waiting for their trucks to be loaded. As I walked past them, it was impossible not to
notice they all followed me with their eyes. Each was watching me intently as I walked by and one by
one, they said hello to. Or asked me how I was doing or commented what a nice day it was. I smiled at
them in turn and said hello back to them. One of them said "You look great today Linda" I had never
seen or met this man before yet he knew my name. "Thanks" I said, "I feel great."

When I got to Vern's office he asked me to come in and close the door. Uh oh! That is what they tell
you when they are ready to discipline you. "Have a seat Linda, I need to talk to you." "Sure" I said
sitting across from him, "What's on your mind?" I glanced around knowing that his office with three
sides of glass gave him a good view of everyone on the floor and of course gave them all a good view
of the office. There were blinds that could be pulled for privacy but he left them open. He reached
into his desk and pulled out a stack of papers. He laid them on his desk and I felt my heart began to
pound wildly as I noticed the top page was a photograph printed from the Internet. It was a photo of
me! I was posed lying on a bed and naked and you could see one black hand on my right ankle and one
white hand on my left ankle as the two men out of frame held my legs wide apart for a clear pussy
shot. Another hand was reaching into the photo from below and was spreading my pussy lips apart.
The photo was printed on plain paper (not photo paper) so it was not glossy but even on that flat
copy grade paper, my pussy looked wet and glistening and oozed a white trickle of cum from it. My
face was clearly visible and no one could possibly mistake the fact that this pornographic photograph
was me. "This is difficult for me, but I need to talk to you about these", he said indicating the
stack of photos in front of him. I felt my face go red and a host of butterflies began churning in my
stomach. I swallowed hard, hoping my voice would not betray my total fear when I asked him "what
about them? May I see them all?" He handed me the stack of papers. It was a considerable collection.
I counted them as I went through them. 42 photos. All of myself in nude, sexual and compromising
positions. There was the one of myself being fucked dogie style while sucking another mans cock.
There was one showing me lying naked and spread eagle on a blanket on the ground in a wooded area,
with 13 men all stroking their cocks and I was covered in cum. I remember that photo was taken near
the end of a session where each man had cum on me at least once, some of them had unloaded on me
twice and two very intrepid men had managed to ejaculate on me three times! I was covered in cum.
It was on my belly, my thighs, pussy, tits, in my hair, face, and in my open mouth. My tongue was
extended and as I licked a slurp of cum off my lips, another load was being deposited and it shined
in a white gooey line across my face and tongue and chin. I continued going through the photos, so
keenly aware of Vern's eyes on me as I did so. My brain was trying to decide what my response should
be. "I don't know what to say" I told him. I continued to shuffle through the photos, moving the top
one to the bottom so one by one, they were revealed. I did not try to hold the pictures in any
concealing manner. What was the point? He had obviously seen them all. Still as I looked through
them, I realized, he kept looking down to view what photo was now on top. I continued to shuffle the
pages showing one after the other of my pictures, but I was no longer looking at them. I was looking
around and noticing how the entire warehouse had come to a standstill. Every man there had his
attention on me sitting in Vern's office looking at dozens of dirty pictures of myself that I had
so boldly uploaded to the Internet. Finally I asked Vern, "Where did you get these? What are they
doing in your desk?" "Well" he began, I don't know how to tell you this, but they were all taped to
the mens room walls. Apparently they have been there all day. Everyone seems to have seen them.
I only found out about them about an hour ago and I have been trying to figure out how to tell you
about them." I opened my mouth, "Look Vern..." He stopped me. "Listen" he said, you know that
whatever you do on your own time is your business. As long as you are not using the company name or
logo or associating yourself any way with the corporation, photos of this type on the Internet is not
a major concern for us. The concern is this. Every man out there", he gestured with his hand at the
crew beyond the glass, "has seen these photos of you." I think it may be difficult for you, especially
over the next few days as I expect you will find yourself receiving looks and comments that you may
not want in the workplace." "I understand" I told him. "Of course it is my own fault", I admitted.
"If I had not put those pictures on the Internet, then no one could have found them to print them
and display them so prominently for everyone here to see." I looked again at all the faces in the
warehouse. They were all watching. Some turned away when I made eye contact but several of them just
licked their lips or winked at me. I could see there were many men out there that would be approaching
me to ask questions, make comments or propositions. "I want you to know, Linda", Vern said,
"that despite the fact that these have been posted here, I will not tolerate anyone harassing you
and if you find yourself in a position that you feel is threatening or uncomfortable you let me know
and I will deal with it OK?" Wow! What a boss! He was being so understanding about this. "I have to
ask" I began, "Do you have any idea who would have posted these?" "No", he replied. "I have done some
asking around and no one seems to know who did it. If you think you know or if you find out and want
me to take disciplinary action, all you have to do is tell me. Otherwise, unless you feel it is
warranted, I am willing to let the matter pass in the best way it can considering the circumstances."

I looked out at the warehouse again. Now that the situation looked like it was not going to threaten
my job, I began to settle into it. After all I put those pictures out there with no hesitation,
knowing that they might(would probably) be seen by co-workers. I looked at those faces watching me
and I wondered how many of them had copied down the URL address that was prominently displayed in
ll of those most revealing photos that would let them go home and view the rest of my considerable
collection of (over 600) pictures on my web page. I wondered which ones of them would stroke
themselves while looking at my photos. I tried to pick out which ones might want to have pictures
taken with me as they fucked me. I returned my attention to Vern. His eyes were on the photos on the
desk. "I am sorry for this" he said. "It's OK", I told him "after all, it was not your fault.
I appreciate how difficult it must be for you to have to deal with something like this, but to be
truthful with you Vern, I can't bring myself to apologize for the photos. I have so much fun taking
them and sharing them. I have always tried to be sure that any reference to my passion for exhibition
has been kept well away from the work place. In the past a couple of men who used to work here came
to me and told me they had seen me on the Internet. I told them, that we could not discuss it at
work, but if they wanted to chat about it or see more, they would have to e-mail me from their home
to mine. They understood and we had some fun together but never discussed it at work in any way.
Always after hours." "Well I certainly appreciate that" Vern told me. "May I assume" he asked "that
we will not have to escalate this and involve human resources? Or do you wish to file a complaint?"
I could see he hesitated at having to ask this question and suddenly I understood, he was less
concerned with the photos than he was with having to deal with a sexual harassment matter in his
office and warehouse. "Oh my no!" I exclaimed. "I would never ask the company to intervene in a
matter of my own making. I can only take sole responsibility as I knowingly and willingly put those
photos in such an accessible forum. Please don't be concerned about that. If you have no intention
of reprimanding me then I have no intention of complaining about it!" He breathed a sign of relief.
"God I can't tell you how much that reassures me" he said. He reached for the photos. "Do you want
these?", he asked "or shall I just shred them for you?" We both stood up, he had the photos in his
hand. I reached out and took them. "I think maybe I should shred them don't you? Unless you feel
you should dispose of them here." "No, no, it's OK", he said "you go ahead and dispose of them
yourself as you wish. After all, they are your pictures. I thought I saw a bit of a disappointed
look cross his face as I took the stack of porno pics. I looked down and now that he was standing
I could see he had an enormous erection prominently visible in his slacks. I started to go, but then
turned back. "I want to thank you Vern for handling this so professionally for me. I really
appreciate it. Let me know how I can repay you. I feel like I owe you one. A big one!" I picked up
a pen from his desk and carefully noted the URL to my web page on his note pad. You will find my
personal e-mail address on that site, so just send me a note if you think of anything I can do to
show my appreciation." I looked at him and reached out to shake his hand. "...for the professional
attitude of course."

I left his office and it was like a situation comedy the way everyone turned to go back to work after
having so obviously watched as I met with Vern. One by one, as I walked back to my desk, I could feel
their eyes once again on my body. It was as if I was walking naked right there. Then, as I approached
the truck drivers, I had an inspiration. I "accidentally" dropped the sheaf of papers. They scattered
all over the floor. There I was, laid out on the warehouse floor my pussy exposed, a cock in my mouth,
my tits being sucked on, fingering myself, and being fucked and sucked in every conceivable manner
and all these truckers came to my rescue. Each bent immediately to pick up all the papers for me. The
ones that had fallen face down were dutifully righted and every man there was careful to pay attention
to each picture to make sure it was not upside down. I stooped down as if I was going to pick up some
of the papers, but I did not lend a hand, it was too delicious letting them all "help" me pick them
up. One by one, they each handed me a stack of papers. I noticed one of them turn and walk away from
the group. He had one of the photos in his hand and tried to casually conceal it as he turned away.
I was not about to challenge him. I just pretended that I did not notice. I thanked them all for
helping me and smiled at them. They all smiled back and told me it was not a problem...they said they
were glad to help out. "Thanks" I told them, "maybe I can return the favor some day." I again turned
toward the office, "Linda!", one of them said. "outstanding photos woman! I will be visiting your web
site. Keep up the good work!" "Thanks" I said, "I intend to. Tell your friends!"

I walked back into the office (or should I say the kennel? The other women I work with are all
bitches and they all have rabies and distemper and probably fleas). When I walked in they all
stopped talking about whatever they were discussing and turned to look at me. I wondered if they had
caught info about the photos and decided it could not possibly be a secret to them. I laid the photos
on my desk and made no attempt to hide them. I began shuffling through them again, making sure they
could see the basic content. "Too bad, these weren't printed on some good quality photo paper" I said
to them. And they all turned back to their desks.

I smiled to myself. Sometimes it pays to get up at 3 A.M. That way you can come into work before
anyone shows up and no one has to see you taping naked photos of yourself to the mens room wall!
I counted the photos again...41 of them. Funny when I left home this morning I had 63 and I made
certain that everyone of them had my web page info on them. I expect I will be busy with a lot of
email for the next few days.

rm_bodyguard50 60M

10/3/2006 9:26 pm

Thats a great sensual rendition. I have been trying to email you but the system informs me that "I don't have sufficient points".

bobbyboucher3 50M
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12/22/2006 5:50 pm

funny the cops didn't get to ya nude hahahahahahaahahaha

Terrynce 40M

4/11/2007 12:02 am

WOW......Linda what an excellent true story......My ass would have been embarassed and probably shitting bricks if someone from my work saw all my pictures I posted on the internet.......WOW it must be exciting living in your skin......see if that was me I probably would have gotten fired but if I were a woman the boss probably would have granted leniency toward me and probably fucked my brains out, outside of work.......but it's a good thing I am not or else I would be the biggest slut this world would see......But Linda I am looking forward to hearing more of your stories..........

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