Is this my Luck or a Setup trap?  

fatalcumshot 30M
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7/18/2006 10:10 pm

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9/13/2006 8:45 pm

Is this my Luck or a Setup trap?

Hello friends of AdultFriendFinder, here is the fact that happen to me now, I may need all your assistant to help me figure out & share your thought'opinion whether the circumstance that I'm facing now is purely my Luck or it's a setup. Thanks & hope you enjoy your reading.

Recently, I met a real hot & pretty girl in AdultFriendFinder, so by being smart & straight, I got her MSN.

By chatting with her for the pass 3 days, i found out that she is really horny & damn hungry for sex, from our chatting I found out that she had been offering herself for the pass few years as a open-slut or call girl to everyone that want to have sex with her for FREE! She was very experienced & always looking for a new place to have sex.

Through out our chatting, I requested her to send me her picture, instead she had sent me pictures of her making love with all different kind of men. Her body & looks can simply turn on every men.

Finally, I make an appointment with her yesterday to meet up on weekend to have sex together at her place & she even mentioned to bring another nice figure girl along, so which mean i'm having FMF.
Damn, I never yet had FMF before. Although I can foreplay for 2 hours non-stop & can ejaculate up to 4 times during each sexual contact, I really not dare to say I have the stamina to keep both ladies satisfied.

Before our appointment had been secured, I ask her what make her think that I can be trusted? She answer that she can have sex with anyone that just on first meeting, no need any reason.
Moreover I also ask her that whether the appearance of her partner is important, she said she only interested in someone's penis.
Then I ask is your partner penis size matter to you & yes she answered & i reveal my size telling her mine is 12cm long & average width (for those who might think my gun is short or whatever, hey! I'm only 18yo & there's another 7 years for my penis to grow, moreover my on-bed skill did satisfied every partners of mine so far, need a challenge/prove? try me out then ).
She said it's OK. Well, look here friends, if penis size matters to someone, wouldn't that person be looking for a bigger & longer one?

Now, I'm worry that is a setup of illegal activities for example like sex-con, hidden-photo/video taking & black-mail etc...

What is your opinion after reading it? Do you suggest I go ahead with my appointment or just forget about them & wait for another fate? Please leave your comments & all your comments is well appreciated. Thank you very much.

(Anyway, I had my own final judgement to this kind of case, which is I'll withdraw from this appointment. I just don't feel like having sex with stranger on first met without getting to know each other deeper first (even though she is REALLY damn hot & pretty with nice body figure.) It make me feel like not respecting my partners & no mutual tust was bond. It might be a big waste for me, but I have my own rules to keep, yet I''m still young & energetic, I believe there will be another time comes.)

leongkok1 42M
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7/19/2006 6:43 am

i think everything should be fine. Good luck ya!

rm_kovened 30M

10/29/2006 9:42 am

Like Ali.G'd say: Respecttt...dude it takes guts to integrate principles with your actions in this case. and hey! lol finally another guy below 20!and yeh i agree with's hard to get hold of anyone here right?

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