Doing a body right  

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8/28/2006 7:32 pm

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Doing a body right

I'm attending a poetry slam that a good friend of mine, a local spoken word artist is featured in. She's been after me for a while to attend one of these events so tonight I plan to make good on my promise.

By the time I arrive, all of the prime parking spaces are taken. I'd almost given up when I spotted an SUV pulling out a few spaces in front of me. Timing is everything.

The place was crowded with lovely women as far as the eye could see and my roving eyes saw plenty. My friend had warned me to get there early to avoid the rush but really, how many people would you expect to be standing in line for a Spoken Word performance? Not many right? Well someone better tell the hoard of ladies waiting to get in that Jay Z and Beyonce' wouldn't be performing tonight. That's how many people I had to sift through just to let the man at the door know that unlike most folks, my ass was on the VIP list. Only after I showed two photo ID's was I escorted into the packed club to the VIP section where my good friend was holding court. Who would have ever thought that all this would be going on at a Spoken Word performance.

I'd just taken a seat and sipped from my drink when the one person I knew was whisked into the bowels of the back stage. With no one to converse with I was forced to people watch, which fortunately for me made me take note of my surroundings. Beautiful women were all around me.

Lights flickered to signal the start of the show. Up on the stage, my good friend was in command. She agreed to MC the show as well as serve as the featured artist so warming up the crowd came naturally to her. She opened with a funny piece entitled Caught that had everyone hypnotized by the inflections of her voice as she wove an rhythmic tale about chasing that elusive golden pussy and ultimately getting what ---- CAUGHT!

An enthusiastic applause set the back drop for the next few artists and then my friend was back on the stage doing another humorous piece she called Corns. Quite a few talented performers graced the stage and held the audience captive with their rhyme and reason. They were good but my girlfriend, she was great.

To end the show she performed a signature piece that folks had been cat-calling for since she first took center stage. So I sat and watched in awe as my good friend captivated the audience with her trademark crowd pleaser, Pussy.

It hardly felt like 90 minutes had elapsed. Stellar performances left me with a newfound respect for the Spoken Word which was definitely on the come up in Baltimore.

The show ended with a rush of people vying for the attention of some of the performers, mainly my pal who unbeknownst to me was somewhat of a super-star in this crowded little club. Who knew that Spoken Word artists had groupies? Not me, that's for sure. I decided to take my leave and venture out on my own while she tended to her adoring fans. I signaled my departure then got lost in the crowd.

My walk through the club had me doing a bit of ogling as I spied hot,sexy women seeking entertainment much like I was. Then the club came to life when the DJ spun her magic with beats that had my body thumping. Judging by the surge of bodies on the dance floor, I wasn't the only one whose body was ignited by the bass reverberating through speakers the size of grown men. Hundreds of bodies pulsated on a dance floor with an energy that had suddenly sprung to life.

There was a stool at the bar with my name on it. I gladly I took it and faced the crowded dance floor. Everybody and anybody seemed to cross my path. And that's when I saw her; standing all impatient and shit; right in front of me like she was pissed as could be because it had taken to gain my attention.

Catching my eye seemed to do it for her. She danced provocatively letting me know her dance was just for me. Baby wore a micro-mini spandex tube dress that could only have been made for her chocolate curves.

All that sexy dark chocolate gyrated in front of me like the best exotic dancer money could buy. All she needed was a pole. Then she was sucking her index finger and rubbing her tight firm breasts with her free hand. Her tongue snaked out to lubicate her ample lips but I focused on the hungry look in her eye. It was a look I'd worn a time or two; maybe even now. I positioned myself against the bar with my elbows resting on the edge as she advanced towards me.

Her walk was sexy with thick thighs and muscular legs creating a friction all their own. She got close enough for me to make out her smile and a deep dimple creasing the side of her face. Instead of starting with a customary introduction she surprised me by pressing her body onto mine and enveloping me into a warm embrace.

Body language was talking up a storm yet not a single word had passed between us. Her lips captivated me. Like Fantasia Barrino, Miss Dimples had full and inviting lips that reeked of sex appeal. Then she hauled off and kissed me with her soft suckable mouth and I wanted her.

She leaned back, peered into my face and whispered, "Hey", on a cloud of peppermint scented breath. "Hey", I whispered right back as I grabbed her and pulled her close. My voice was sultry and rough when I said, "I'm drinking an Amaretto Sour, what'll you have?" Silky smooth she answered, "Whatever you'd like to taste." I was beginning to really like this woman.

Two Amaretto Sour's later and we were grinding and groping each other big time at the bar. "Come with me," she said and I obeyed already enchanted by her provocative ways. Miss Dimples took me thru a locked door,down a narrow passage that dead ended in an alcove that was barely lite. Hand in hand was how we walked to stand under a muted light bulb that revealed the first three steps of a rickety winding staircase. It led to an upper level we had no intention of exploring.

Bracing my back against the adjacent stairwell wall, I took advantage of the situation and straddled her body hard against mine before I grabbed a hand full of hair at the nape of her neck and guided her sensuous mouth to mate with mine.

Her lips hinted at the peppermint I smelled faintly on her breath. I nibbled, sucked and kissed those sensuous lips before our tongues connected and then there was heat. Less then two minutes later and we were going at it like two bitches in heat.

My facial assault was smooth and thorough if I must say so myself. She had difficulty tearing her lips away long enough to take a much needed breath. But then something aroused her. She changed tactics waging war on my breast. She was hungry for it. It showed in the manner in which she launched her attack.

Those succulent lips devoured half of my breast before she began the art of sucking them. She figured out a way to suckle the bulk of my 38 DD's before concentrating her suction to the sensitive area of my nipple. The feeling was indescribable,right down to my pinky toes. She finished her work with one titty then switched to the other. When she finished, I could barely stand on my own.

That's when she started to stroke my pussy. First through the fabric of my skirt. Then thru the thin lycra of my panties. Erotic; that's what the shit was, fucking erotic. Had my level of anticipation on overload. And that's exactly where she wanted me.

Pussy juice, I could have sold in pints by the time she finally slipped a finger under the side elastic of my panties. By then my pussy had a mind of it's own, trying to impale itself on her hand but Miss Dimples wasn't having it. She wanted to stroke my clit and stroke it she did once I settled down and went with the flow. Stimulated beyond measure, my body wanted more.

"I'm into sweet pussy," she whispered through a mischievous grin. "No shit," I responded through gritted teeth. Then I flipped the script by literally forcing her back up against the wall. "But turnabout is fair play," I promised, "And I always play fair."

Her breasts were firm filling the palms of my hands. When I actually fingered her nipples I was blown away. They were half the size of her breast making them all the more delectable from my point of view. The lovely tube dress that looked so inviting when I first spotted her was now nothing more than a short skirt after I shoved it down to her waist.

Her ebony titties sizzled at the warmth of my mouth. She moaned just before her body shook when I hit the spot she enjoyed so much. Satisfied with her response, I switched to the other breast which was even more sensitive then the first.

Her hips started thrusting as I suckled her breast. I concentrated on the nipple while she grabbed my hand and placed it on her box. I sucked her titty while she held my hand firm, holding it palm side up so she could buck and grind her pussy against it till her hearts content. Her bucking and grinding grew urgent, forcing me to release her breast.

That's when she grabbed me by the ass, raised her leg securing it firm;y on the hand rail to provide me with ample grind access to her gyrating box. I lifted my skirt to expose my saturated panties. Then it was pussy against pussy, bumping,grinding, pulsating with sexual intent. Damn, it felt so good I didn't ever want it to ever stop. But then the pressure to release propelled us head on into an explosive nut.

"Stand over there with your hands braced between the walls," she said. I was tired as hell but turned on nonetheless by her authoritative tone so yes, I did as I was told.

She lowered herself onto the ground between my legs and positioned her body like that of a crab just before she slid my panties aside and proceeded to eat my pussy with skill and dedication.

We got into a rhythm. I ground my sweet pussy into her face and she reciprocated by sucking and licking every inch of my box. I lost count of my orgasms especially when they began to come so fast one after the other. My thrust lost intensity and soon my pussy was done.

I pulled out of her suction mouth and moved over to the steps to relax over the bottom five. She sauntered over to stand in front of me with dress wrapped around her waist.

I hooked a finger into the piece of floss masquerading as a thong and watched as the triangle between her crotch and thighs bulged like giant pussy lips trying to make their escape. I decided to do the honorable thing and released them from their binds. The barely there thong disappeared and what I first thought to be thick pussy lips turned out to be thick pussy lips and a clit the size of a small dick.

I couldn't resist and rubbed my thumb across her engorged member and was immediately rewarded when her pussy and clit-dick visibly shimmied and shivered. Droplets of her juice clung to her pubic hair for dear life while her dick-like clit vibrated and grew before my very eyes.

She was watching me closely now, unsure of what my reaction might be. How anyone could resist a pretty pussy like that was beyond me. There was no way I could possibly turn away from the delicacy this woman had to offer.

The palm of my hand answered the question in her eyes. I rubbed her wet pussy from the bottom to the top until her clit-dick stood hard and firm enough to fuck.

My hand surrounded that dick sized clit and massaged it well. She straddled me then so I placed it in my mouth licking and sucking all the while her body pumped and fucked first my mouth and then my face.

"Eat my pussy, baby," she cooed and again I obeyed. Her pussy brought to mind the sweet taste of honey so I lapped as much as she could feed me.

She lifted me from my perch on the steps; ripped my panties off with one hand, positioned her hard firm clit on my pussy and proceeded to fuck me with her miniature dick.

OK so it wasn't actually a dick but whew! When that cock-like piece of pussy stimulated my throbbing box I experienced a nut like nothing I'd experienced before. Her nut mirrored my own. Soon there was nothing we could do but slap and bump and grind our pussy till juice overflowed between us.

We rode that climax straight to the end. Me finger fucking her tight box with one finger, then two. Her tightening then releasing the muscles in her pussy over and over again while my nimble fingers gave her what she wanted. By the time her pussy exploded she was riding my fingers much like I had ridden her clit-dick.

Pumping and grinding. Grinding and pumping. Tongue sucking tongue, then lips then tongue again. There was titty sucking, nipple biting to titty sucking over and over again until nothing stood in the way of our satisfying eaach other. All par for the course in my book when doing her chocolate body right.

We'd barely taken a breath after completing our final round of raunchy, hot, butt naked sex when a sharp at the door signaled the that the club was making the last call for drinks. "Time for me to go to work," she told me as she stood in shaky legs to prepare herself to greet satisfied customers as they left through the dront door.

"You were just what my pussy needed tonight. Cum on back now baby; anytime you want to do my body right."

I walked out of that club oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the crowd. My only thought as I settled behind the wheel of my truck and started it up was that I had indeed done her body right.

Kyle9672 44F

9/6/2006 11:02 am

girl you are very talented with your imagination . you had me cum twice! Damn. Well I'm a 35 yrold B-Curious female that is also married with deep dimples. So you already know.. that i was imagininig that was me. Girl Holla. I'm all the way in cali but for you, I could possibly travel , let' chat on some descreet but sexual chat!

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9/16/2006 3:28 pm

Damn!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!!!

TogaePlotsFriar 45F

9/19/2006 7:54 pm

That was soo hot!!! I think I need a cigarette now after reading your blog (and I don't even smoke). You give so much detail, I felt like I was feeling every erotic experience with you. I will be fantasizing about this over and over again.

Thanks for sharing

fantasygurl000 57F

9/20/2006 10:12 am

Thank you so much Ladies for your kind words. Just make sure you remember how much you enjoy my writing skills when Fantasygurl cums out for your reading pleasure!

Keep reading and I'll keep on writing.

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10/10/2006 3:04 pm

Wow!! That was so hot and my pussy is still throbbing. Think its time to fire up the cam.

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