Word of the day - Snarky  

FanErotic6996 58M
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8/16/2006 12:18 am

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12/28/2006 10:17 pm

Word of the day - Snarky

In honor of my Canadian friends

Irritable or short-tempered; irascible.

personally I think that definition gives it a bad .
And I couldn't find a definition for - eh-

Next best thing to perfect

Opals_fire 54F
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8/16/2006 5:11 am

That doesn't sound right at all!!
Doc suggests that "snarky" refers to a sacrasctic attempt at making a point that is meant to be taken with a sense of humour! Sheesh any 2% knows that! Of course, I personally,would never be snarky, roflmao

eh ( P ) Pronunciation Key (,)
Used in asking a question or in seeking repetition or confirmation of a statement.
Chiefly Canadian. Used to ascertain or reinforce a listener's interest or agreement.

FanErotic6996 58M
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8/16/2006 10:57 am

Opal - thank you for the real Canadian definition - I knew the one in the dictionary didnt seem very good.
Ok now I didnt actually check to see if "eh" was in the dictionary - was just a sanrky attempt to get a laugh or slammed maybe. Did I use that correctly just then?

Next best thing to perfect

rm_wetfingeraz 55F
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8/17/2006 4:03 pm

My family is Canadian and I've always heard it used to mean "smart ass".

Opals_fire 54F
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8/17/2006 4:46 pm

Fan, you should know better than to make post without doing proper research!! lol

and yes I believe that could qualify as snarky.

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