September 2001 journal entries  

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September 2001 journal entries

These are short - random and without much thought process - I wont change or comment - just a few scribblings of that day and several from watching the concert that followed.

US attacked - the horror
you never know when or how

I was at work - the office was under reconstruction and I noticed that most of the girls that worked for me had disappeared - I found them in the kitchen - frozen in place as one plane had already crashed. My first thought was how could the pilot have ever done that. Then the second plane hit. I don't much remember what else I thought that day. I do recall watching it later at home over and over.It is burned into my mind.Forever.

The Concert for NY City
I don't need to fight, to prove I'm right
meet the new boss (bush) sane as the old boss (bush)
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive
J Taylor - Fire and Rain
B Joel - NY State of Mind
P McCartney - Freedom

Adam Sandler - MOCKING Bin Laden - fucking goats in a cave with a small dick

Meg Ryan - Americas sweetheart speaking

speaches by Tom Daschel Bill Clinton George Pataki Rudy G
about prevailing, victory, war,suffering, bearing the pain, helping
I was seeing propoganda in the making
yes propoganda of love and loss and victory

the flag, the songs, cops, firefighters
how can I be so cynical and cry

children - "my dad is your hero"

a wife and mother - now widowed on stage speaking with 1 teenage daughter crying and 2 younger sons - she was old enough to understand, they all were too young to lose a father.

Next best thing to perfect

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