May ALL who have passed know they were loved  

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May ALL who have passed know they were loved

Towers 12/13/02

As fulfilled as my love was, would have given you up.
Without you would willingly have grown old alone.
A fair trade, no to our together, yes to your survival.
Towers trapped, terrorists do evil as told.

Missing by seconds the sound of your voice.
To be kept now forever, your last “I love you” on tape.
Waking we joked call in late, too late to alter the choice.
Towers terrifying, terrorists gangs did .

Crying alone, loving and raising our child.
Is another now destined to walk her down the aisle?
I know you inherited heaven, so meek and mild.
Towers trembling, terrorists hate with a smile.

Crashing down came the end of our honeymoon.
We were sharing our plans, dreams and desires.
Ending in September, gave birth in June.
Towers torn, terrorists will know hells fires.

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