Game Playing and Frustrations of  

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8/20/2006 12:16 am

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Game Playing and Frustrations of

When I play games - and yes I mean games - not life games- I prefer to play ones which require some strategic thinking and planning. Almost always there is some chance involved too, a roll of the die for instance - but then you must choose how to react to what you are given. I also tend to play aggressive when I see opportunities to do so.
Lately I have been playing a lot of backgammon- I listed myself as an intermediate skill level and probably win about 70% of the matches.
It seems to happen much too frequently that if I am winning strongly - that the opponent will leave. Sometimes they are even a game up or it is just the first game of the match. Now when I am getting my ass handed to me I play it out. It really pisses me off that so many times others will walk away when loosing - cant help but wonder how they deal with things in life.

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