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A little about me

Growing Up 08/16/02

Once upon a time
We grew up princes and kings
We played hide and seek, with guns and on swings
No harm no foul, our parent’s peace of mind

From whom and how does one get taught to play
In woods we learned army, inside our dolls were soldiers
We were lucky ones, the wars of politicians stayed colder
One of the few generations not wasted away

Puberty burst upon us
There were girls to be had
Childish as we were, of course they became mad
Foolish love that places a 16 yr old in her trust

We roamed day and night, streets and yard
Three as one we increased our might
Asking at times to start a fight
Reality is who knew about being tough and hard

Looking not acting older than our ages
Wine-beer-booze, in homes, forts, parks and bars we drank
That we had to hitchhike God now I thank
Using pot, pills, coke and hash, we pictured ourselves sages

We allowed young women to weaken our bonded tie
Once raised by mothers, we formed as brothers
Year passes another, how long since we’ve seen each other?
Which of us never found time to cry?

Four girls in six houses all on one block
Bit of a drinking problem I’d exhibit
Too drunk to give directions when brothers came to visit
What a move, 4 in 6 all has at least hands on my cock

Three grinning wandering souls
In rank of years, Rick, Bob and Steve
In our own way we were all the first to leave
Only question now which order to fill three holes

Next best thing to perfect

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