The Dream  

fancy_for_you 41F
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6/4/2006 3:09 pm

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10/8/2006 2:26 pm

The Dream

Last night I found myself having one of my reoccuring dreams yet again.

I am getting ready for bed when a man comes up behind me and holds his hand over my mouth and blindfolds me. He tells me as long as I don't scream for help he will remove his hand from my mouth. At that I recongize his voice and instantly agree not to scream for help. He removes his handfrom my mouth only to trail it down my back and across my ass, then back up again. He then runs his hands around tomy tits and he does more than pinch them he squeezes and twists my nipples so hard it hurts making me gasp and whimper. And to my disbelief makes me wet.

He then takes a pair of scissors and cuts my nightie off of me. Then he walks me to the bed and says lay down. I don't question him as I crawl onto the bed and lay on my stomach. As I am laying there he grabs my wrists and ties them together above my head and then to the head board. He then ties my ankles together and to the base of the bed. I can wiggle but can't drawl my legs up or my arms down. All I can hear is him moving around since I am still blindfolded. I beging to adjust to the sounds and movements and start to relax.

He takes a small whip thing and starts smacking my backside. At first I jump and gasp but then something happens to me and I find myself licking my lips and enjoying the sensation. Then just as I am getting into it he stops, causing me to whimper in protest. Then there is a new feeling. A pricklely feeling yet it tickles and I can't help but giggle. Which gains me a sharp smack to my ass making me gasp again.

After many different sensations I feel him lay something on the bed and then I feel liquid on my ass. He begings rubbing my ass. Then I feel him rubbing something against me then slowly start pushing it into my ass. I hold my breath and bite my lip as my body adjusts to the introduction of a butt plug. He continues to rub my ass cheeck with one hand while he slowly finished sliding the plug into place.

He then helps me to roll over. What a strange sensation to move with that in my ass. Once I am settled on my back he begins to rub down the whole front of my body. When he reaches my nipples he rubs then for a minute then he grabs and twists my nipples hard causing me to cry out. Then he lowers his mouth and bites my nipples and the sides of my breasts. Being sure to bite a bit harder on those softer more intimate places he trails bites across my body.

The whole time he is working on my body causing me to cry out something weird is happening. It is making me wetter and wetter. And now in combination with the buttplug and the other sensations I am fighting the urge to cum. As if he sences this in me he stops and unties my hands and feet. He then stands me up and bends me over the bed. Pulling my pussy lips apart he begins masaging my clit making me wiggle my ass and start moaning. Again wiggling earns me a solid smack to my ass which makes me jump.

Suddenly all sensation except the butt plug stops as he steps away from me. He is gone from me long enough to make me wonder if he left completely. Then suddenly he is there and driving his hard cock as deep as he can into my wet pussy. He then smacks my ass with his hand as he pumps my pussy with his cock. The pressure from his thrust stimulating not only my pussy but also stimulates the buttplug that's in my ass. He keeps fucking me hard like that until I scream out as I cum at the same time feeling him explode inside me. Causing me to faint.

When I come to from fainting I am all cleaned up and tucked under the covers on my bed.

And this is normally when I wake up breathing hard only to realise my pussy is dripping wet and my nipples are hard as rocks.

Now please don't take this as I want every man to come knocking on my door....I Don't. But I definately think this shows that somewhere down deep inside I would like to experience something other than what people call "vanilla" sex. I have had dreams similar to this one for as long as I can remember. But in the last oh two months I have been having more and more intense dreams. And I remember more and more of what happens during the dreams. In the past I would roll over and start crying thinking I was a weirdo but now I lay there and think about the dream and what it could mean.

So did you all enjoy the dream and what do you all think it is trying to say to me? I wanna know what everyone thinks on this please.



smalltownangel 44F
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6/4/2006 4:19 pm are not a weirdo. It's sad that we are raised to believe that dreams and desires that are not like everyone else's are weird.

The dream was hot. I think what your subconcious is trying to do is letting you experience sexual situations that you want to try but your head is telling you that its "taboo". Your subconcious is letting you act these out in a safe enviroment. Make sense?

fancy_for_you 41F
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6/4/2006 4:38 pm

Yeah it does make sence. Definately something to think about.



ohcurious14 60M  
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6/5/2006 11:28 pm

It means you want me to come visit you and make your dream a reality.

kazadoestepr 46M
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10/8/2006 6:12 am

humm, humm, humm, done something similar to my wife and she asks me to do it again but i wont.....hahahahaha

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