Letting Loose  

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Letting Loose

I just need to get away for a couple hours for some peace and quiet, Mel thought as she tossed a blanket and a good book into her car. As she turns on the engine the radio starts blaring her favorite Ricky van Shelton song "Backroads". She thinks how perfect that idea is and puts the car into drive and heads out of town towards the lake. Rolling the window down she lets her hair blow in the wind and slowly lets her problems melt away.

Coming closer to the lake Mel sees that she won't be alone while here. Well hell she mutters under her breath and thinks about going some place elsebut decides no she's already here and drives to the other side of the lake so she can be alone. As she gets out of the car she takes off her t-shirt and shorts she had been wearing over her bathing suit and tosses them into the car. Then she grabs her blanket and her book and heads over to a nice smooth grassy area not far from the water. Mel spreads her blanket on the ground and glances towards the only other person out here. It's a family out fishing. Mel watches then for a while, until they decide to pack up and head somewhere else.

Looking around to be sure she was truely alone. Hummmmmm all alone maybe this would be the time to be daring and try topless sunbathing. Blushing Mel reaches up and slides the straps off her shoulders. Sliding the top slowly down over her milky white breasts, baring her nipples that have hardened from the feel of fabric sliding across them. Shivering in excitement Mel lays back on her blanket and stretches her arms out above her head. Exposing her hard nipples and full breasts to the warmth of the sun. Smiling to herself as she thinks this isn't so bad as long as nobody sees her.

Reaching over Mel takes her cd player outta her bag and puts in her Pat Benatar cd and sets it to play Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Lays back and closes her eyes again and sings along with Pat. Getting lost in the feeling of heat on her naked breasts Mel can't help herself from running her hands up and across her nipples makeing them perk up even more. Giggling at the sensation that rushes through her body. Getting a wild idea Mel sits up, opens her eyes and looks around to make sure she is still alone. She is thankfully but decides she should keep her eyes open while she does what she plans. The thought of getting caught pleassuring herself out here in the open by a man sends shivers through her from head to toe.

Standing up Mel slides her swim suit on down across her abdomen, then on down revealing her most private and moist spots. Laying her swim suit off to one side Mel then sits down on her blanket. Laying back she begins exploring her body with her fingertips. Running them slowly down the side of her neck, touching that spot that makes her giggle and squirm. She feels her pussy tingle in responce and she smiles. Continuing her exlporation of her own body Mel slides her fingers down between her breasts where she drawls circles with her fingertips, causing her pussy to respond with a tingle yet again.

Suddenly Mel hears a noise. Heart pounding with the thought that she has been caught she turns around to see a bird flying off. Whew, only a bird. Relaxing Mel goes back to exploring her body. Reaching down and tweaking her nipples. Not realising that the reason the bird flew off was because she was beingg watched. She continues rubbing and pinching her nipples feeling that internal heat start in her lower abdomen. sliding her hands down her stomach towards her pussy. Finding her pussy lips she glides one finger between and gasps to find herself so wet already. She smiles to herself and begins to stroke her clit with her right hand while she returns the left back to her breasts and hard nipples.

Spreading her legs she leaves her clit and slides a finger into her now dripping pussy. Sliping her finger in and out of her pussy she puts her thumb back on her clit. Gasping and moaning in pleassure. Mel continues stroking herself and squeezing her nipples. She feels that familiar tightening in her pussy, knowing soon she will blast over that edge and cum. She continues stroking herself forgetting about her nipples as her hips start bucking in responce to her own touch. "Oh God Yesssssssssssssssss" she cries out as the first waves of orgasim washes over her. Continuing to stroke and pump her pussy with her fingers until the last of her orgasim washes over her. She then takes her wet fingers and licks them clean, savoring her own special flavor.

Stretching out Mel tries to steady her breathing. Thinking it is getting late in the day and so there should be no worry of being found she closes her eyes and listens to her music and lets her body come down off the high it was just on. Laying there she lets her mind wander over what she had just done. How could she have done that out here in the middle of no where? What the heck was she thinking? The sun felt so good though on her bare body. Felt so nice to just let caution go to the wind and have fun. Laying there naked she lets her thoughts think of the new guy in the neighborhood. What she wouldn't do for some time with him. She remembers watching him do yard work the other day. He had removed his shirt revealing a nice chest and abs, not to built but not real flabby either....just right. She had daydreamed many times since then about him. Just the thought of his lips on hers making her body awaken again causing her to sigh.

Mel is so lost in thought she doesn't notice a shadow falling over her when Mark walks up to her. Looking at her wonderfully full bare breasts with simihard nipples. Letting his gaze glide down her body to that most private of spots. He thinks he is glad to see this side of his new neighbor. Remembering the day he noticed her watching him as he did yard work. Thinking of how she looked at him with wild abandon he feels his cock beging to respond. He knows it is wrong but he can't help himself from removing his clothes and kneeling beside her. Noticing she has a little grin on her face along with a slight blush he leans forward and kisses her.

Mel jumps as lips touch hers. Her eyes fly open to look into the eyes of her neighbor. Thinking she is dreaming she blinks her eyes a couple times and when his image doesn't leave she reaches out and touches him. Oh my God he's really here, how embarassing for him to find her completely naked. She reaches for a towel that is next to the blanket to cover herself but he reaches out to stop her. "I'm sorry to suprise you but please don't cover yourself. I like what I see.", he says. Feeling the color rise in her face she lowers her eyes and does as told. At the same time thinking what in the hell am I doing? She decides to just sit there and hope he walks away. Then she notices that his clothes are piled next to her own swim suit. That means he is just as naked as she is. She quickly raises her face to his to notice he has been watching her take in the fact that they are both naked with a big grin on his face.

"I should slap you and run screaming to the car", she tells him. "But", he says, "you won't will you?" Mark then leans in to kiss her again. Claiming her mouth with his. Sliding his tongue into her mouth to meet hers and coax it into his. Feeling her mouth give into his he runs his hands along her bare arms as she reaches up and runs her hands through his hair. He pushes her back onto the blanket where he had watched her pleassure herself earlier. He begins exploring her body with his hands. Letting his mouth trail after his fingers. Ummmmmmmm she tastes so good. He moves his mouth to her neck and begins kissing and nibbling right below her ear. Noticing that she moans ever so lightly he continues his sensory assualt by trailing kisses down and around to the center of her neck.

He raises his face and looks at her making sure she sees the hunger in his eyes as he reaches up and strokes the curve of her breast, making her gasp. He then lowers his mouth and just barely kisses her nipples, first the right then the left. Watching them grow firmer he takes one between his teeth and flicks his tongue over it. Her hands move to his shoulders as she arches, pushing her nipples further towards his mouth. Burying his face between her breasts he takes in the sent of her then slowly slides his wet tongue around and aroud her breasts until he again finds a nipple to suck into his mouth. Running his hand up to rub and twist and pull on the other nipple. Making her moan and hang her head back. No longer able to control her own actions she runs her hand down from his shoulder to his chest and begings playing with his nipples. Feeling them harden under her touch she gets braver and lets her hand wander further down his chest only to be stopped by his hands. "Not yet" he says,"first is your pleassure". He then moves to kneel between her legs but continues to lean up over her and suck on her nipples. Finally after she feels he will never make it to her throbing clit he begings trailing kisses down across her belly.

When he gets to her private hair line he uses just his tongue to slide up and down over her pussy lips. Outta pure pleassure she opens her legs further for him. Allowing his tongue to slide inside her slit. Gasping and moaning out as his tongue passes over her clit. He hears her moan and sucks her clit into his mouth. Flicking his tongue over it again and again. Unable to hold back her hips start thrusting up against his mouth. He takes a finger and runs it up and down her inner thigh causing her to wiggle. He continues working her clit with his mouth and tongue as he slides his finger into her wet pussy. Pushing it in and pulling it out. Faster and faster. He adds another finger to the first and pounds her pussy with his hand as he licks and sucks her clit. Her hands go to his head as she feels herself climbing to that cliff that she will soon fall over. Suddenly there is a sharp feeling on her clit. He is biting down gently but firmly and drawling her back down. Once she has slowed her breathing he says "I want to be inside you when you cum darlin".

She responds by saying "I can't hold back much longer". He brings her close to the edge time and time again. Each time biting down on her clit causing her to slow down. Finally he says roll over and get on your knees. She complies while he slides a condom onto his cock. He positions himself behind her and spreads her legs wider. He strokes the head of his cock up and down her wet snatch. She presses back towards him but he anticipates this move and pulls back. She groans in frustration and she hears his soft chuckle as he bends forward and kisses her back. She feels him reach out and spread her ass cheeks with one hand as he slides his other hand from her pussy to her ass. She feels the head of his cock press against her ass and cries out "OH yes fuck me in the ass please". To which his responce is to slide the tip of his cock into her slowly. Feeling how tight her ass is and letting it adjust slowly as he slides his cock into her at a snails pace. When her muscles have adjusted to the cock filling her ass he begins pushing in and out of her slowly. She takes him deeper by meeting each thrust.

He reaches one hand down to stroke her clit. It doesn't take long with the fullness in her ass and his strokes on her clit to make her scream out in pleassure. Tightening her ass around his cock as she feels his growing thicker and harder inside her. She presses back on his cock with her ass. Taking over the pace as she uses her ass to stroke his cock. Begging him to cum for her. Pushing back onto his cock harder and faster she feels him shudder and grab her hips as he buries himself deep in her ass. He pulls his cock from her ass and removes the condom. Letting her lay down he lays beside her and holds her tight. Kissing and stroking her body.

After a what seems like forever, kissing and caressing each other, she pushes him back and begings kissing across his chest. Sucking on his nipples the way he had done with hers earlier. Taking his nipples one at a time into her mouth and sucking on each one in turn. Nibbling on them. Hearing a low grumble escape from his mouth she smiles and begings to trail her tongue down across his abdomen, then back up to his nipples again. She looks at him with a devilish look on her face and tosses one leg over his chest. Sitting stradle of him she leans forward and kisses him, letting her hard nipples press against his. He reaches for her breasts and she pushes his hands away. " No," she says "this time you can't touch." She slides backwards down across his abdomen. Feeling his hardening cock behind her she raises herself up off him and slides a bit further back. Reaching between them she uses her hands to stroke him and tease him until his cock is completely hard and ready.

She positions herself over his now hard cock and lowers her pussy down over him. Sliding slowly down over him. Taking him in completely. Stradling him without movement at first. Then slowly sliding her hips forward then back again. Stroking his hard member with her wet pussy as she begins to wiggle her hips in slow circular movements. Reaching for his hands she places them on her tits. He takes her signal and starts squeezing and pinching her nipples as she rides his cock. He thrusts up into her. She gives into the thrusts letting him take control of the pace. Tossing her head back, thrusting her tits out in frount of her. Riding him like the stallion he is. Tightening and loosening her pussy around his cock. Playing with her own nipples when he moves his hands to her hips to hold her on him.

Feeling his balls tighten he knows he is close. He moves one hand between them and rubs her clit with his fingers. Making her cry out his name. She feels her pussy tightening around him. Sucking him in deeper and deeper as she soars up and right off that cliff edge in her mind. He feels her pussy tighten around him and thrusts up into her hard and fast. Crying out her name as he pulls her down hard onto his cock as he thrusts into her. Filling her pussy with his hot cum. She falls forward kissing him deeply. Tongues intwined. Hands holding each others faces. He rolls then to their sides and continues to kiss her. Pulling her close to him they drift off to sleep.

She awakens in his arms. Unsure of where she is at first. Feeling her tingling body that has just recently been filled with passion and desire. She looks at him to find him looking at her. They kiss each other. Both wishing they could stay this way the rest of the night. Knowing though that they need to get back to their houses. Sighing she reaches for her swimsuit and begings to slide into it while he watches. He then reaches over and pulls his jeans on leaving his shirt and shoes laying in the grass. He stands and reaches to pull her to her feet. Where he wraps her in his arms and kisses her again. Releasing her long enough to pick up the blanket and her bag and walk with her to her car. She opens the door and takes the things from him and puts them inside. Stepping towards him she kisses him again wrapping her arms around his neck and holding on. Finally breaking the kiss she asks "When can I see you again?" He responds with saying, "I'll meet you at your place in a hour". He then turns and walks over and picks his shoes and shirt up and walks away.

Mel gets in her car and races home to await Mark's arrival. Feeling excited that he wants to continue their encounter as much as she does.

An Original Work by Fuzzy
June 25th, 2006


luv2lik_snatch 55M
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6/25/2006 7:22 pm

DAMN Fuzzy!!!

Da_Lone_Elf 52M

6/25/2006 8:27 pm

OMG!!! Fuzzy you really make me want to find you at the lake like that. Absolutely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Da Elf

fancy_for_you 41F
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6/25/2006 8:41 pm

Lol I take it you liked it huh Luv2lik? Glad you enjoyed!


fancy_for_you 41F
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6/25/2006 10:10 pm

Glad you enjoyed it Elf. And yes what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.



ohcurious14 61M  
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6/26/2006 8:18 am

Okay fess up,is this real or a dream?

fancy_for_you 41F
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6/26/2006 1:11 pm

Dream OC all dream! Was sitting here thinking I haven't written a stroy lately and it all just started flowing out. Got ideas bouncing arund for another story also. Not ready to write it though.




6/30/2006 8:35 pm


I love the story. With style like that, you should consider publishing.

fancy_for_you 41F
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6/30/2006 10:21 pm

tryforfun: Naw I don't write enough to publish. I maybe write 3 stories a year if that. And this one is the longest one I have written so far. Thanks for the vote of confidence though.



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