Have you ever been scared?  

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7/3/2006 5:30 am

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Have you ever been scared?

Have you ever been in a situation that you were so scared you found yourself saying please God don't let me die because of this? Here let me tell you why I ask this.

This mornings paper route with my mother started out ok. Nothing bad seemed to be happening except for her dash lights weren't working on her car. No biggie, just a blown fuse...right? Well, we go on about the route with Mom pounding on the dash ever so often trying to get the lights to start working.

We get to one spot in the route where we dump papers for another carrier to throw. When we start back out Mom is noticing that the radio backlights aren't working and neither are the thermostat lights. I am still thinking no biggie just a blown fuse....right?

Going on down the road I get to thinking....hummmmmmm don't see the red glow of the tail lights in the mirror like normal. So I mention it to Mom. She steps on the brake and yup there's break lights. She pulls over and I get out and check...yup NO tail lights. So she calls my Dad, who says check the fuse box. I am thinking isn't that what I have been saying the whole time.

Well, my Mother who "knows everything" can't figure out how to get the fuse box to drop down so I have to show her. Then she doesn't know which fuse to check.....the box says refrence owners manual.....there is no owners manual in the car because it's at home in Mom's house. So she says call your damn Father back. So I did. I tell him exactly what she tells me too. Then she says, "How the hell do you tell if a fuse is burnt out or not"? Dad hears her question and he starts to tell me(I already know how though but keep my mouth shut)and then I repeat it to her.

By now she is getting very, shall we say, upset and begins pulling fuses out of the fuse box 1 at a time looking to see if one is burnt out or not. She struggles with pulling a fuse out and then cusses when she can't seem to push them back into place.....like it's a hard thing to do. (For those who don't know yes a fuse panel can put you in a awkward position but truely they aren't that hard to pop out and push back into place.) She begins griping about not being able to see but won't let me hold the flash light so she can see better. She then says, Well none of the damn things are burnt out." I make the mistake of saying well what about those 2 that you didn't check yet. I got informed that she had checked them (though I was right there and watched her skip over them).

She gets back in the car and yells at me to get my f**cking ass in, so I scramble into the car. She starts it and at the same time is calling my Dad AGAIN. When he answers she informs him that no matter what the f**k he has planned today that he is fixing her f**king car. Then tells him she is going on to do HIS damn paper route and if she f**king gets stopped by the police to f**king bad HE could just pay the ticket. Then as I can hear him saying stay put I will come work on it now she hangs up and launches the cell phone across the dash. Making me jump and think oh great here we go again.

See my Mom has this bad bad attitude...and you all wonder where I get it....lol. Some simple thing can go wrong and she goes off like it has ruined her entire life. Anyways, back to the story.

Mom grabs the gear shift and yanks it down and says "I can't tell if I have it in f**king drive or not". Instead of turning on the flashlight to check she just stomps on the gas and heads out on the highway. Now my Mom's car has this shimmy to it when it goes over 65 but it isn't really bad. So when things start flying by the car and the shimmy is so bad I can feel my legs shaking I decide to turn on the flashlight.....OMFG she is driving at 80 mph. My Mother never drives more than 4 or 5 mph over the speed limit and here she is griping the steering wheel with white knuckles, a scowl on her face, eyes that could scare the bejesus outta ya, and driving 15 to 20 above speedlimit. And instead of slowling down she is still gaining speed.

Can ya tell she is pissed. I see our exit sign and think....whew almost there and she will slow down for that. Um wrong again. She doesn't even slow down for that. OMG I'm gonna die is what I am thinking and I begin to pray....Dear GOD please oh please don't let me die like this. And God please reach my Mother some how and help her calm the heck down. And making all the promises to HIM I could think of if he just wouldn't let me die because my Mother was so pissy. It got so bad I could almost picture the wreck in my mind....I beging griping the "Oh shit" handle. Then Mom goes to turn a corner and I was so sure we were gonna go rolling that I shut my eyes. We didn't roll over though. Thank GOD.

I spent the rest of the night with my mouth shut and my eyes straight ahead. I was scared to say anything and make her even more pissy. I mean look how a little lighting malfunction made her react....I wasn't about to make it worse.

Now you know one of my stories of something that scared me to death....what's something you have been scared about while it was happening?

Have you ever wanted to say "Pull over and let me out, I'll walk from here"?

Have you ever had any experiences like mine tonight?



ButteryDelight 59F

7/4/2006 11:13 pm

Fuzzy, yes, I have been scared to death many times in the past. The one that comes first to mind is when my son was 18 months old and got into the medicine cabinet. He drank a whole bottle of Dimetapp Cold Syrup, had to be rushed to the hospital and given activated charcoal. He survived but it was a close for about 6 hours.

Buttery Delight

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