Night Landing  

famlybiz 63M
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9/2/2006 9:18 pm
Night Landing

It's 9:09PM on the dark side as I come in over the pacific on my final approach. You can almost feel the heat coming off of Los Angeles up here! The lights stretch out forever... I must be a mystery to air traffic control. Bet homeland security is waking up... better set down soon. There is a better spot. It seems to be an air base. I'm almost low enough now... yes, it says March ARB. Just a little further east and, yes that's it... lower, lower! ahhhh! that's it! Mmmmmm! Touchdown! Terra Firma at last. Checking the online datafeed I see I'm on someone's hotlist. I'll get back to this later after a little EVA. Well, I guess I won't need my spacesuit, haha.

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