Macon Trip  

falcon7789 69M
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8/28/2006 10:41 pm
Macon Trip

Well I just returned from my 2 day Macon trip last friday. What a bust that was. Besides having to go to class for 2 days, I did almost meet, well did meet someone there.

Here is the story.....been talking online, by email to a woman I will call D. Not much in the way of talking, just a few lines from her, no info or nothing.

Well I get to Macon, get in the hotel room and in her last email she says she will call about 6pm. Well she calls and we agree to meet for dinner. I make a statement about how I hope none of my co-workers are eating there. BIG least that is what I learn first.

Well she pulls up, gets out and tells me, "this is going to be short, I was offended by your remark on the phone". I said what she proceeded to tell me that she felt cheap.

I said that I did not mean it that way and I finally convienced her to have dinner with me. Actually I kinda figured that it would not work out by the lack of emails that I had been receiving. Anyway I decided to probe her to see if I could find the real reason for backing out.

During dinner she constantly refered to her sexy undies. After dinner we went outside and sat and talked for a while. She reminded me several times how we could be having great sex right now.

Now...I finally figured out this gal. She had no intentions of going thru with our date. All she was looking for was a way out and I gave it to her. It seems like a lot of women here just play games and now I am convienced that is pretty much the case.

So from now on, I am setting some standards that I am not going to deviate from. First is no sex on the first date. I want to know someone first. Besides, I feel that 90 percent of sex is in the mind. If there is no connection...then the sex is not going to be good.

Also I am not going to answer one line emails. If someone doesn't feel they can communicate with me on a decent level, then hey...there will be no connection.

I am talking and seeing a very nice lady in my area, she is a great friend, and it may never come to sex, but she is a good friend and we have a lot in common.

Well that is my story for the end of this month. Catcha on the flip side.

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