just curious about the men on here?  

fairiechick1977 40F
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9/27/2005 4:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

just curious about the men on here?

I know this is a site4sex...but why is that all that's on the mens minds on this site?seriously is there not any normal guys on this site?u know like guys that don't say wana fuck..without even meeting you?is there any guys that are cool with makeing friends?or just kicking it and have fun and see where it takes them?and no guys on here seem2b serious about anything but sex?just a lil confused?

bigfurrybear 43M

9/27/2005 7:02 am

We're here, just hard to find sometimes. I am all about being friends first. One of the women I have met on here has easily become one of my best friends. I talk to her almost daily about life, kids, whatever. I have a few others that are quickly following suit. I even have 2 good friends that I have been chatting to for a month now that I still have yet to meet due to geographical reasons (one is in Texas, one is in Indiana).

It is my feeling that there is much more to good sex than just fucking. That is why I enjoy getting to know you first.

Too bad you are so far away. If you want a friend to talk to I like to yahoo IM as realdarthnielsen. Good Luck!

overworkedloon 57M
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9/27/2005 7:23 am

It's a strange world on AdultFriendFinder. Most of the guys that write saying "lets fuck" would back out of actually meeting anyway. I'm betting you're looking for a hot guy with a great personality that cares about your feelings. I heard a rumor there was one on here once.

There are some good guys out there, you just have to be patient. Don't give up and good luck.

demonicsexkitten 43F
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1/18/2006 12:25 am

hahaha overworkedloon that was funny... "heard a rumor...."

and sis: yes, there are lots of good guys they're just far outnumbered by the others. good luck!!

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1/19/2006 11:48 am

may be the most of the guys on this site are normal only fascinated by the anonymity of the screen but first only looking for tenderness i'm not sure i mistaken
and sex is not a sin for normal people only for the religious extremist
my opinion

woreore 51M
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1/19/2006 5:17 pm

I think Overworked is right most would back out they are hiding behind the computer. Guess it is the site since that is what it advertizes. keep looking got to be one or two there

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