i hate days off ...  

eyerockz 48M
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3/15/2006 4:58 pm
i hate days off ...

not often that 'ya hear that, is it? when i've got time to myself i do nothing but obsess ... (1 track mind, i think they call it). if imagination put food on the table i'd never work again - haha. my brain keeps going well beyond my body even (no snide remarks please, u'v not met my brain -- lol). wish i had a woman...(not meaning to sound posessive, ladies). wish she wanted to have me. wish could pleasure her properly...hell, i wish for a lotta things regarding the fairer sex. wish she wanted me to want her (give it up for the cheaptrick song!!). just as curiosity, is anyone finding this remotely entertaining? if so, say Hi ... and the million$ question, how long have You gone without .... ????

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