fantasy part 1  

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12/29/2005 4:31 pm

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fantasy part 1

The room is dark and he is standing in the doorway...i can see his silohette just slightly darker than the rest of the room. He just stands there watching, waiting. He knows that I want why does he continue to stand there unmoving. The anticipation is building. I slowly lick my lips just to entice him. Still he doesn't move. What do I do? How do I make him come to me? There is nothing I can do to make him walk over to me, I must wait for him to decide this is what he wants. I slowly turn my back to him and wait...nothing but silence fills my ears...then I feel the warmth of his body close to mine. I can feel his breath in my hair. Still he doesn't touch me physically, yet I can feel every breath he takes. Finally, I feel his hand in my hair...he grabs tight and pulls me to my knees. This is what I have been waiting for...He slowly walks around to the front of me...his clothes are gone...there is nothing but raw sexual need between me and the most beautiful body I have ever seen. He twists his hand deeper into my hair and pushes my face toward his hard cock. I know he wants me to taste him...and i really want this to. I slowly run my tounge across my lips...and open just wide enough for him to get the head inside my warm wet mouth...Damn he is so big...can I take all of him, I am sure as hell gonna try. I slid my hands up the back of his legs gently squeezin as I go. I grab his ass and pull him to me as he pushes my head closer. I sweetly take each inch in slowly swriling my toung

hugs and kisses


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