Response to Fill in the Blank Fantasy...  

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4/7/2006 9:57 am

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Response to Fill in the Blank Fantasy...

We were sitting at a table in the back of the restaurant alone, when the waitress walked up. She looked a lil uncomfortable when HE looked her up and down. I was using my foot to massage HIS cock and could feel it grow as his eyes trailed lower on her body. She looked back to the waiter at the next table with a worried expression on her face. I just grinned. HE loved the way she looked in the required uniform, a lil belly shirt and some tight shorts. It really accented her young voluptous body. Her co-workers are all dressed the same, but they don't look as good in it as she does. I excuse myself to go on to the car, and leave HIM to pay the bill. HE is licking HIS lips in excitement. HE has just gotten my permission to coax her into the back room for a quickie. I walk out into the parking lot, it is dark and quiet. The breeze slips its way up underneath my dress and caresses my body with cool hands. I notice a stranger leaning against the bottom of an old oak tree at the edge of the forest...he is dressed only in a robe that hits him mid-thigh. His hard cock it poking out of the bottom. I walk over to him casually. I am going to give him a qucik blow job he will never forget. I step infront of him and hit my knees caressing his hard cock, I lean in to start sucking and he reaches down to give me a hard spanking. We cum at the same time. I rush to get into the car before HE comes out and catches me. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!

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bigdaddy71365 52M

4/8/2006 9:18 am

Damm, hot hot hot,

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