Dreamin Again  

eyelikeitrough20 38F
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3/16/2006 4:51 pm

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4/12/2006 6:55 pm

Dreamin Again

[/COLOR]I had a dream last night...

He slips into my bed quietly...he thinks i am asleep. I anticipate his touch. My body craves it. He is someone I know but not too well...he reaches out for my breast and squeezes gently so as not to wake me...I let him feel me up a lil...then i open my eyes and look into his. He doesn't flinch...just acts like it is natural for him to be in my bed...he keeps movin his hand lower to my nether world..I want him to take me slow and easy. No rough stuff or fast pace...be gentle and soft with me tonight baby. I want you to make my body quiver just with your slow strokes...

You fill in the rest you know who you are and I want details baby!!!! (its okay if ya blush and maybe can't do it but i would love to hear a lil about what ya wanna do to me *WEG*)

hugs and kisses


utbucky 50M
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4/12/2006 11:57 am

being able to move my hands over your soft warm body as i look into your eyes would be a dream come true. leaning forward to gently give you one soft kiss on your lips, not saying a word, moving both my hands up your side and across your breast, barely touching your nipples with my finger tips as i glide them across, leaning forward to take them one at a time into my mouth, slowly licking and gently sucking them. running my tongue from one side to the other, then i move my tongue in between them, kissing you between your breast, slowly moving downward, taking my time so i make sure i kiss every inch of your beautiful body, moving down your belly with my tongue and reaching up to feel your breasts in my hands again. im so ready to taste you now, i move my body in between your legs, your breathing is at a past pace now, telling me, you want what im about to do as badly as i have been wanting to do it. sliding my arms up under your legs and raising them up a little, i kiss and gently suck on the inside of your thigh, moving closer and closer, your hips start moving a bit, telling me its time, i open my mouth and gently place my lips over yours, making my tongue as wide as i can, tasting your area, as im closing my mouth, you feel my lips sliding down yours as i gently suck and lick. moving my hands around your hips so i can pull you gently but firmly into my mouth, licking and sucking your clit, wanting you to cum, wanting to taste your sweet juices over and over again.

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