Thoughts and actions!!!! (half based on reality, half on dreams)  

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6/23/2005 9:45 pm

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Thoughts and actions!!!! (half based on reality, half on dreams)

Walking unsteadily up the steps to "his" door,I find myself wondering what the night holds for me. I knock on the door thinking to myself "I am so crazy, this is not like me." Caught up in my own thoughts, the sound of a door opening jars me back to reality. There he is, looking straight at me. I am taking in all of the scenery. He is tall, athletic, sexy, firm chest, toned, and a very nice ass. He seems harmless enough so I walk in the door and take a seat. I have thoughts flying through my head of what i want him to do to me and what i want to do to him. Shyness closes in on me and i feel trapped, I mean there is this awsome guy in front of me (without a shirt on none the less) and now, of all times, i become shy.We begin to drink and the shyness melts away like a block of ice on a hot summers day. I slide my hands slowly down my pants and find my sweet wetness. I want him to watch, just to know that he is watching makes me even more wet. I grab his hand and lead him to my warm pussy. Just to feel his touch drives me crazy. The way he caresses, the way he makes me cringe. I grind my body with every swift movement of his hand. This is too much, I gently roll over, my eyes gazing into his as i straddle him, guiding his dick into my wet pussy. I want to fuck him so bad, to bring him so much pleasure, to never stop. I move my body up and down, loving every inch of his hard, solid dick. This is crazy, its like i cant get enough. Then i begin to climax, OMG, the sensation is great, over and over again. I can feel his dick pumping harder and i can feel him getting off.I roll back over and we lay there, looking at each other before we nodd off to sleep. I wake early the next morning horny as hell again but i have no time to stay i slide out the door thinking "I'll definatly be back again".

rm_gooodfriends 38M

6/30/2005 1:14 pm

my goodness... that story got me going. I can imagine thinking the very same things... Which parts of that were based in reality? dream? wow. I havea story on my profile that I started... would love to have your comments to tell the next chapter???

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