My first love!!!!  

eyecandi84 33F
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3/5/2006 9:15 pm

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3/12/2006 11:04 pm

My first love!!!!

My first love has been in and out of prison a couple of times. We stopped talking at one point, and he fell in love so he thought with this chick that set him up. Now as usual im the one by his side cause I love him, and even though he was fucking another chick I know he loves me, hes just use to the street life and the d-game. But nopw he opens up and tell me everything his past and future plans. This is my first love, 1998 its now 2006. HE tell me that when he gets out in 2007 we will be together. He has been in prison 14 months. The only thing I have been doing is sending letters, no money or visits cause he did hurt me, but I love him so I write cause I cant justleave him for dead. What would you do?????
Would you be by there side no matter what? Every1 makes mistakes
Play the hell out of them like they did you?
Still date others but inform them of your relationship and that your in love?
Stay in touch and find out where there heart is?
Just be fuck friends,
Think of them just being in jail and consider everything they say jail talk.
Continue to grow with this person but not on a lover level?
Go with your heart, know that if they belong to you they'll always cme bck?
tell 'em ur in love with someone else and see what they say?
Don't know, go along with the flow, but be careful!

eyecandi84 33F
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3/5/2006 9:41 pm

I really just want to see what others thinks. Honestly I am going to be there no matter what. We were young when we first got together so I cant get mad just except the fact that he thought there was someone out there, of course there was but he knows that real love is me. The things he experienced with this other bitch, I would never do, and now I think that he is paying for it by being in jail. She set him up, of course she didnt love him just after his riches, and whatever else. But he'll always belong to me, just like he knows that I will always belong to him. It took me a long time to get over what he did, but I know that I had to to except and forgive in order for me to move on in life and now were even closer. I tell him everything. Even if I go fuck somebody, I tell him. We are together in heart but right now we cant be together hes in prison, different story if we had of been together before he went. I just want him to see that im the one that always going to be here and he know that even when his mother lets him down im always there, cause I got so much love. I want to be with him so bad but he has to finish his punishment. But when he gets out, thats when we will make it official and if he try to play me im going to prison this time, lol

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