Bizzare Rubbe Erotica Part 1 by EL  

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6/4/2006 11:15 am
Bizzare Rubbe Erotica Part 1 by EL

Your latex nurse ushers you into the screening room. Where
you are placed on a bed and asked to put your feet up in the
stirrups. Now you are here all exposed and honestly feeling
rather uncomfortable. This nurse refuses to allow you
the privacy of a sheet. Leaving you exposed and somewhat
stunned at the lack of privacy. All of a sudden in walks something
like you have never seen before. A tall imposing figure
incased in a white latex catsuit. Transparent heels the
size of which bewilder you. A zipper running all the way
from the neck to the crotch and back up again. You see a red
cross on the neck below the hood. Its a white hood which covers
the entire face and these plump red slut lips glisten from
the hole around it. So caught up are you by how she licks these
plump red lips as you imagine them on your skin, that it takes
a moment for your gaze to rise higher. Then you see the long
platinum ponytail from a holder at the top of what should
be a head. The lips curve and she turns to the original and
now definetly more normal nurse. She nods.

While you still stare captivated by this, well what do you
call it... this vision hardly suffices now does it. While
you are pondering these unusual proceedings one latex
clad hand reaches down to your body. Almost burning your
skin with the rather inappropriate touch. Quickly before
you realise what is about to happen a buckle is fastened
round your middle. Others quickly follow securing your
arms and legs. You are imobilised, and you began to feel
kinship with the fly trapped in a spiders web. The lady in
white, I mean your hardly sure if this woman could be a nurse
after all!! I mean they just strapped you into this chair
leaving you no modesty and no chance of escape. The white
clad lady opens a drawer and procures a strange looking
pair of round items. As your brain finally kicks into gear
you begin to protest. This deters the lady in white not the
least. She moves towards your arms and quickly the other
nurse who you once thought was rather sexy has placed something
in your mouth and tightened it behind your head!

Once the contraptions on your hand are in place and your
unable to talk. The lady in white begins to depress large
plastic syringes immediatly the balloon things on your
hands inflate and its not too pleasent infact if you could
scream you would. Too late for that though!! She is now doing
the same thing to your mouth and as the gag expands inside
your mouth it begins to make you choke. Tears course down
your face. Shame fills you at your humiliating situation
and you suddenly think back to a dental trip where you had
mouth plates fitted and they stuck that grape flavoured
goo in your mouth... at least they took "that"
back out..

What the fuck is going on here!!
Your mind is racing and to be honest you are terrified. Who
would have thought these two women could scare you so badly
when your greatest fear had always been held at gunpoint
while getting money from a ATM... forget that this is actually
real.. Your mind continues to race trying to consider all
the possibilites. How did this happen? Did they kidnap
the real doctors? You realise with a hopeless choked sigh
that nothing in your life including your PHD has prepared
you for this situation.

While you are sitting there in shock. A third nurse enters
and at least you can call her a nurse. She is wearing a old
fashioned green latex nurses uniform with the requisite
cap. Even this nurses stockings are latex. Atleast you
think its latex, GOD what the fuck is happening here twilight
zone hardly begins to cover it!

She enters the room pushing a gurney with a black rubber?
bodybag on it theres a zip running up the middle. THeres
something strange about her face.. OH my god!! I havent
prayed this much in years but the woman has a fucking doll
face mask on like some bizarre halloween mask.

Have I gone insane?

Is this what happens when you lose your mind?

The nurses stop their attentions to you at once. They all
three stand around the body bag. The two nurses who seem
to be assistants open the body bag. Theres a man inside it.
His arms are bound behind his back and he has been lying in
a very uncomfortable position. The arms are incased in
black rubber and held together from ashoulder to hand.
After the two nurses remove the body bag completely leaving
this man as exposed as you they strap additional rubber
flaps into place basically forcing his attatcment to the
gurney. The white lady reaches over now interested. She
removes his gag.

The man screams this is not little scream but a scream of
abject fear. The nurses laugh but the lady in white remains
silent. SHe places the gag back in his mouth. She then is
handed a bag and contraption you have never seen before.
She inserts YES INSERTS the narrow tube into the end of his
penis. The attached bag is hung from the side of the gurney.
The lady in white opens a drawer revelaing a collection
of shining medical tools. You can see the man crying and
smell his fear. The lady in white removes a scalpel and brushes
it against his nipples. One then the other. Then this insane
woman starts gliding it along his penis not hard but the
man is struggling and bucking and then the bag begins to
fill with piss. He pissed himself.
Shit SHIT!! I have to figure a way to get out of here!

This starts the three of them laughing. They remove the
bag and one holds it. The other removes the ball gag and lifts
the man upper body a slight angle. All she can get with the
restraints. The White lady places some kid of hood on his
head the only thing on it besides buckels is a hold at the
mouth. Once the man is in it. They attach a funnel. As you
watch they pour the urine into the funnel slowly at first
but more and more till its empty

You know he drunk it..
You could hear the gulps..

Once they are done Lady White turns to face you she walks
over. Grips your nipples between her latex fingers and
squeezes REALLY HARD. then she glides her hand down your
shaking body and she suddenly plunges two fingers inside
you. She speaks for the first time..
Your very wet you little whore..
I knew you would be.

Shivering you stare wide eyed at this woman who has so rudely
thrust her hand into you. She slips her fingers back out
and motions to the nurse in the green uniform.

She is handed a large shiny speculum. Her lips curve in a
sneer as she looks down on you in disdain. Grasping the speculum
in her right hand she reaches from a lubricant bottle with
the other. Soon the speculum is smeared with clear lube.

Pulling a overhead light into place she crouches and slides
the cold speculum into you. Its cold and damp and you clench
up automaticaly at this invasion into you. As you watch
helpless she opens it wider and wider. Before screwing
it into place. Now she has a view into your pussy she calls
the other two nurses over.

Each of them giggles and one of them wiggles the speculum
a little and it jars against you painfully. The other one
leans over and licks the end of the speculum handles.

The lady in white laughs and shakes her head. The tears are
falling faster now as you are totally humilated. One of
the others now gets a large syringe and its full of ice cold
water. They insert the syringe nozzle inside the speculum
and start filling your pussy with the freezing water. Its
so painful its burning until finally they remove it and
the water pours out drenching the bed underneath you.

One nurse begins to rub cubes of ice onto your clitoris holding
it down and rubbing far too hard. Feeling hysterical you
almost laugh as a pair of oversized clamp scissors are produced
and cruelly attatched to your nipples. They are twisted
and pulled and the light begins to fade in and out in your

Sensing they may loose their patient the nurse stop. They
leave the clamps dangling but one removes the ice and begins
gently stroking your pussy.

The lady in white turns to see her male victim on the gurney.
She goes to him and removes the catheter. She takes from
the tray a small wheel with spikes that she rolls along his
penis watching him move against his restraints. She takes
some device from the table. She uses it to contain his balls.
She is able to tighten this device causes the man to buck
against the table.

Then using her tongue she leans over flicking the end of
her tongue against the head of his penis before she luciously
slides her mouth down the shaft before stopping and sending
a quick slap to his genitals.

Just then there is a loud noise from outside the room. A clattering
and the sound of running. In bursts a woman in normal clothes!
Oh wow I guess the world still exists you think mindlessly
giggling in a uneasy way inside your head.

She rushes in and speaking in a foreign language gestures
down the hall. Quickly the lady in white barks orders also
in the germanic language. The two nurses sweep the tools
into a nearby bag. With a quick kiss towards the patients..
the lady in white hussels the 2 nurses forward and with the
plain woman into they head out of the door squeaking as their
rubber moves.

Just minutes later the doors burst open again and to your
horror in bursts half of the Colorado police department.
Embaressed the males begin to turn away and quickly female
officers are depatched.

You are unbuckled and a medic is called in to remove the speculum
and assess your state of health. You watch the man been moved
out of the room all he did since his gag was removed was mumble
in gibberish.

You are taken out and placed in a plain decorated police
van. You are put in the back with a female offcer. Trying
to get your thoughts together; to find words to describe
what happened. You sit with your mouth hanging open. Thanking
God or whatever higher being that you are safe.

You look over to your escort and then you start to scream
and this time you actually do pass out. When you looked over
you saw that her skin was covered in translucent rubber
under her police hat.

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