A true event.....  

exotica1967 50F
3/28/2005 11:36 pm
A true event.....

Its new years eve, he knocks on the door and I answer. He takes me by the hand to his car, and pauses to kiss me passionatly then opens the door for me. Once im in he closes the door and comes around to the other side and gets in. We drive into town where we get a room at a near by motel. Once inside and the door is closed, we are all over each other. We are both so excited from our earlier chats. We wanted and needed each other right then and there. We help each other out of the clothes and onto the bed into a 69. It was so hot and getting even hotter by the second. We are both so close to orgasm when he stops and rolls over and pushes my legs in the air and enters me. It was so hard and throbbing. My hips met every thrust from him. Not long we both orgasm together. We dont part and start kissing like teenagers in love. Not long he is hard again and I roll over on top of him, Were I ride him to exstacy. We both are breathing so heavly, his hips meeting mine. Then he feels my pussy tighten around his cock and its to much for him to hold back and cums right then soooo hard. We both collaps in each others arms to sleep.
Once he awakes, I am aroused by his warm tongue working my pussy good till we are fucking again. After about a hour of pleasure we here a knock on the door. "Room Service". What a way to bring in the new year. Good thing we had just finished before the maid arrived. But we had the rest of the weekend to make sure we both was very satisfied before parting. That was my experiance with a younger AdultFriendFinder member that id love to do over and over again.

4sakenKnight 33M

5/2/2006 11:09 pm

you know everything I have read from you is phenominal. So I was just thinking perhaps we could chat sometime. Hit up my profile and IM me sometime.

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