Autum will soon be upon us  

excoug2 68M
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9/11/2006 2:40 pm
Autum will soon be upon us

There is coolness in the night air, the leaves are turning pretty colors and those cool nites bring out the stars. Did anyone see the stars last night? What an awsone sight. So soon we will be indoors for the duration, hopefully a warm fire to drive away the chill but bring some atmosphere as well. Nothing quite like a crackling fire to bring out the best in an evening: get out that sheep skin or fuzzy blanket and have some wild sex in front of the fire. Hummm Who says romance is dead? Romance / Hornyness / wild passionate lovemaking / rampant sex ~~~~~~~~~ call it what you like cause it all amounts to about the same thing.

I sure would like to meet some of the folks that wink or read this blog. How about Starbucks: every one goes to Starbucks and you don't have to make any excuses. Its safe. Now I'm not promoting it: just trying to figure out a way folks can meet. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Like put a color on your cup indicating what you are looking for. Wasn't that a gay thing some time ago? Everybody start coloring your paper cup.

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