Menage et Trois  

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4/12/2005 5:52 pm

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Menage et Trois

When the bar closed a woman with whom I had been chatting on and off during the evening asked me to go home with her. I hesitated because I was not interested in getting emotionally involved with anyone at that time. Then, she introduced me to her girlfriend and they both re-invited me. Reasoning it would be less emotionally risky since they were in an established relationship, I agreed to join them.

We spent the next six hours in a raw, emotionally open, erotic foray that left all three of us exclaiming (and in some cases screaming) how amazing it was. What struck me was how fluid (no pun intended but apt) we were together and how unselfconscious everyone was.

I must admit, at times I was on the verge of feeling neglected, however, I stayed patient and resisted indulging in it. My patience paid off.

In the late morning, when we were going our separate ways, there was a moment of tension. The women were arguing about something that I didn't really understand at the time.

Two days later, we went out for drinks. We talked again about how amazing it was and concluded that given the chances of threesomes working out successfully, especially in a random encounter, the stars must have been aligned perfectly that night. I half-seriously suggested that we continue as a committed relationship for a period of time. They were intrigued but noncommital. We ended the evening with another six hours of mind blowing pleasure.

In the next week, I discovered they had broken up two weeks before our encounter for reasons I will not go into here. While all of us wanted to keep it going, there were issues in their relationship that would not allow us to continue.

While both of them expressed interest in continuing a one-on-one relationship, I felt it would be unfair to do so. And I wanted it to end on a positive note with both of them, which it did.

There is something quite enticing about maintaining a fulfilling relationship with such inherent complexity and such delectable sensation. It would be much easier to get three people in a bed together for one night ) than to keep all parties strong, healthy and pleased for a period of time, as in a relationship.

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