What's with the auto replies??  

excelsiormba 52M
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5/30/2005 9:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What's with the auto replies??

handle I don't get them! Sometimes they come across as stuck up or condescending. Great, you are so incredibly popular, sexy, hunky or beautiful and you get 100's (if not 1000's) of emails every day that there is no way that you can get to them all! So you send out a auto reply saying that you are grateful for the email and you'll look at the profile and if you are cute enough, you'll answer! Does that sound accurate?

And if any of you that send out these auto replies have the gumption to say that this isn't the case I say that you are full of it! If people take offense to a non-answered email they need to get off an internet sex site! People are not always attracted to the same thing! Some men are attracted to small and petite, some are attracted to large and voluptuous, some are attracted to athletic and toned; some women are attracted to big and hunky, some are attracted
big and cuddly, and some are attracted thin and small! Get over a non-reply!

But the damn auto replies are arrogant and dis-ingenuous! And for those of you who have stupids shits who won't take a hint by "no answers" continuously sending you emails...just take a minute and drop a note to them and tell them no thank you! Get some balls, man!!!!!!

I am not a male model or a chippendale dancer but I have been told that I am very handsome and well built. But I don't expect or even fantasize about expecting that everyone will want to meet me! I can take rejection and can appreciate that not everyone has the courtesy to send out a "no-thank" note! But don't send an Auto-reply telling me that I may not be good enough for you, which the way some of the things sound and read!!!

Yes, maybe this does sound like sour grapes or that I'm whining about something stupid...and maybe it is and maybe I am...but TOUGH!! It my BLOG and I can write whatever I want!

Maybe I'll write about sex and politics tomorrow!


sexualyexplore 60F
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5/31/2005 12:09 pm

There are times when I use an auto reply but not for the reasons you gave. I feel bad when I don't answer someone right away. I won't get into my busy personal life but it has nothing to do with being too beautiful or having too many dates. I just have other personal obligations that keep me too busy sometimes to answer. I hope when someone gets an auto reply from me that they don't feel offended I just felt it was better then not answering at all and when I get a chance I will answer your message personally.

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