Seeking again, therefore needing advice from women....  

ewan_1973 45M
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10/28/2005 10:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Seeking again, therefore needing advice from women....

I have not written anything in a couple of days. When I first wrote about the number of views in my blog, I got a couple of messages from people telling me not to worry. According to these two women, one writes for (in this case) himself. I do not know if I agree. Maybe it is part of it, but I would like some more people to read. Ultimately, don’t we write for others? Otherwise, I would write without posting. I would skip then the painful process of getting a post approved, don’t you think?

I feel my hormones are back in place, so I started my search for an AdultFriend again. I will not complain again about the “fakies” ‒I know the dedicated people in this site do all they can to avoid such a frustrating disturbance. One woman wanted money, she needs to pay her bills. Paying or receiving money for sex is a sad situation. I might send her what she was asking for without the sex.

Another woman did not want money, but a Pravda purse. No comments. The real question is: Do you think it makes any real difference to ask for an expensive purse instead of asking for straight-down-the-line cash?

With a third one, we might meet at some point. We exchange phone numbers and we have been able to put anything physical into a little bit of context. We are human, after all. The fact that we look for some experiences does not make us monsters, or womanizers (in my case) as someone suggested to me. (Thanks, man… I told her (not the guy who accused me of being a womanizer, but the woman with whom I might meet) I told her I was surprised she answered my message. I told her it does not happen that often. She explained to me that women receive many, many messages and it is difficult to sort them out. Many of those messages, she said, are one-liners of doubtful taste. But how does one show taste and consideration? I would appreciate some feedback from honest women, but for that, someone needs to read first what I write.

I received another message today. I was, and I am, so embarrassed with the picture I posted in my profile. But there was a nice woman in the “who is on-line” feature who required a picture in the profile. As I wrote on a previous unread-by-anybody-but-me post, I admire those of you who post real pictures. I can’t afford it. But in this message, a woman some 154 miles away thought it was a great picture. The lesson is: in the end, you never know. Maybe even my admired blogger will one day ‒maybe when she is not that popular, maybe at an old age, accept my humble invitation to risk all I do and fly to her (I doubt you read this, but if you do, I did offer my blog-secretarial services while you deal with your carpal tunnel syndrome).

No way I am getting this post approved. It is not gentleman like to speak about carpta tunner syndrome in public.

I remain, yours, Ewan.

hotred6970 48M/47F

10/28/2005 11:35 pm

Asking for money or pricey, materialistic things are the same thing as prostitution as far as Im concerned. ( I guess I'm asking for a fight somewhere along the line....) If you wanted a prostitute, Im sure you could find one in any town on the planet...

rm_corezon 54F
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11/6/2005 11:05 am

I am not a man, long story, screwed up and couldn't change it...I recently signed up for this thing, found it through a boyfriend, long story, I was 1st instincts said it was a meatmarket for the nondiscriminating...then I found Bella's blog and some other posts and the feedback thing looked interesting...yes, we right for ourselves but always for others too, because there's no reason to communicate if nobody's listening.

yes my god I got a lot of responses from guys even though I didn't post a picture so we females do get an awful lot to wade through. I get plenty of takers without the personals, I started doing personals because I wanted a way to find men that appealed to with their personality and not just their looks and I wanted the same. Loneliness isn't just a physical thing.

Honesty appeals to me much more than pickup line; especially if it shows that someone actually READ my ad. I want to be able to feel a bit of his personality coming through, too. If the guy is obviously just looking to get laid by just about anybody out there I'm not interested. If his appearance or his personality do not attract me then I'm not interested; I don't want to hurt anybody, I'm not perfect, I don't have so much free time that I want to totally waste his and mine if we don't click. And life is so short.

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