A popped my Adult Friend Finder Blogg Cherry  

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3/4/2006 5:23 pm

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A popped my Adult Friend Finder Blogg Cherry

Welcome to the first and hopefully long running installments of " Daily Dose of Banality".

Lets see where to begin. Well First off lets begin with I'm a single 35 year old gay white male who lives in the bustling metroplois of New Port Richey( sarcasm). I live with my parents , whom are getting on in age. So we all take care of each other. I am a full time student. I was a late bloomer in regards to wanting to pursue an education. I am trying to get a degree in either graphic design or education. See heres a hint , I am a little indecisive....lol

The single part , i really dont know how I feel about it. On one hand I like it , becuase i am independant, and i really haven't met anyone I truly have connected with. Sometimes it makes me think , Is it me, or is there any one out there fo me. Then there is the part of me that is constantly bombarded with images of couples, families, everyone seems to be hitched by the time they are 30 and then if your not , it feels as if people treat you weird and it is hard to meet people. I really don't go to clubs anymore, not that I don;t like to but Idid that for fifteen years. it gets old.

Then there is the part where I am not what a lot of my gay bethren are looking for. I'm not an Abrzombie, or Hilfiger clone. i like to be active but I am not into sports. I am not exactly butch or feminine, but somewhere in between. All the males I meet seem to be to tiny in build or just not interesting. They are catty and bitchy, anbd act like women..

I like tall guys, big guys, guys that can talk and have no hangups It would be nice to have a friend with benefits. it would be nice to have a few friends. I have been so busy the last four years , that i have totally neglected that part of my life.

Another thing that puts people off are three things. m Maybe they don't but in my mind it does. 1st i am heavy set, i look good for my weight. But i could stand to lose a lot of weight. i gained all this weight because I have been sick for a couple years. Which brings us to obstacle number two. I am waiting for a kidney transplant. I go to dialysis three times a week. So I am just a waiting for that to happen. So after reading this, my equipment still works, i do everything everybody else does just add going to dialysis to it. Third and finally I have some psoriasis which turns out to be some red spots on my body. SOmetimes its gone and sometimes its not, its purely cosmetic. So I am working on all three of these things. Actually the funny thing is when I lose weight , I'll get my kideny transplant and then the antirejection drugs cures the psoriasis. boom , Boom , Boom. Kill three birds with one stone so to speak.

My sex life is really a solo adventure. jerking off with lots of fantasies. Probably once a day. But i would like to feel the touch of another s body . Smell their scent, and feel the warmth of their skin on mine. Feeling lips on my neck and ears, or someone inside me like we are one just for awhile. I like things like that. when I masturbate though I think of just seedy situations like cable guy, or a neighbor guy. maybe even an alley Something quick and anonymous .

I like it when I am taken from behind and are bodies are so close , I can reach around and grab their ass and pull them closer to me as iof trying to devour them, drink them in. I love to kiss, and explore the body. To me its not just about sucking cook , or getting fucked. I like the foreplay , I like the playfulness. I like to 69 side by side. I don't like the morning after. I hat it, I feel awkward , and want to leave imediatly. I think I would shit my pants if someone asked me to stay or not be as uncomfortable as I am. it would be nice for a a change. I also like to be on my back while my lover fucks mewith my legs wrapped around their waist.

I am a horribel friend . I have been getting rid of friends I have had since elementary school and high school. They are just too nostalgic, and I have moved on . I hate reminiscing, but to base a friendship on your past experiences and not evolving is just the same old song I would rather not hear. So recently i just dropped my final hangerson.

What did I do today- The most unsexy thing on the planet- homeowrk and housework. I just came back from Macoroni Grill in Clearwater. I am full , gonna finsih some laundry , do a little homework till eleven then I think I will go to this local gay bar I always passand see what up there. Okay thats the first installment. You either love me hate me, or are disgusted by me. Whichever ... different strokes .....

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