a werewolf's voice  

evilgothgirl 53F
326 posts
7/24/2006 11:15 am
a werewolf's voice

It's red when you walk in
It's black when you walk out
theres something about the mist
that has the power to explain
all this

It's cold only because
It bleeds only because
one light shines
the moon light shines
upon a
savage, hungry, lonely being

The transformation is
The self-inflicted wounds
The fur that was not there
a pain that will never disapate
a heated heart rate
the silence
that is it's fate

The slow gathering of hate
the quick pace of pain
a peaceful night
turned vicious
the blood run
has only begun

A pity cry
echos through the broken forest
then again silence meets the air
This is it's choice
listen to the werewolf's voice

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