The Heart's Canvas  

evilgothgirl 52F
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3/25/2006 7:11 am
The Heart's Canvas

If my heart was a canvas
What would you draw?
Would it be all happy and light
Or a demons face in dreams you saw?

Blank is my canvas
Your is the same
Together we could sketch love
Instead you filled mine with sketches of pain

What was once white and hopeful
Is covered in raging lines
The lines are twisted and curled
Destroying all hope that was mine

The hearts canvas should contain
Scenes of love and life
What you have drawn for mine
Is a dark, tortured, lonely life of strife

As I stare at the portrait you've painted
Desolate, barren, empty hopes
I speak my silent prayer
to except this longing and learn to cope

I took my brush to your canvas
I covered it with perfect love's goal
I filled the corners with perfect trust
To yours, I gave my entire soul

Your portrait is now complete
It awaits for you to see
The wonder and the glory
Of what for us is meant to be

Now the hearts canvases are filled
and hang in loves museum
Everything we give to each other
fills the eyes of that choose to see them

Both men and women stand and glare
Most don't understand, they just stare
But, as I look at our painted souls
I shed a lonesome tear, even in this crowd you are not here.

The show is over now,
Everything we have for each other
Has been shared, drawn out in blood
Alone I die, for your love can never replaced by another

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