Picnic in the park  

evilgothgirl 52F
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5/18/2006 8:12 am
Picnic in the park

On a warm summer day, we finally make our way into a passion that is never ending. We are at a local park, surrounded by trees and the best of the day. It was an innocent enough get together. You could not call it a date, but a time to increase the friendship that had developed.

Like so many other couples, we had our blanket, Frisbee, and drinks. We both planned on just taking a couple of hours to unwind together. The conversation was fun and before we knew it, it was getting dark. I decided that we should go, even though inside I never wanted the day to end. As I got up to pack our things, he grabs my hand and pulls me back down.

As I started down he grabs me by the waist and pulls me to him. The look in his eyes were inviting to me. Do I kiss him? Before I can even finish the question in my mind, he kisses me. This kiss is perfect. I was taken by surprise. Surprise that it happened, and surprised at how much more I wanted from him. As I opened my eyes, he was looking right into me. We kissed again, longer and harder. Over and over again, tongues probing, never to get enough of each other. We kissed so long I was afraid I would never breathe again.

We came down on the blanket together. As he lays down next me, I curl up onto his chest. I lay my head onto his chest, so I can look up at him. He looks so intense, just staring at the sky. I reach up to touch his face, letting my fingers move over lips, his brow, and his hair. He closes his eyes and I move up to him. I kiss his face, his mouth and slowly move my tongue over his lips. I as continue to his neck, he lets out a groan that is filled with the lust and longing that had been building.

He flips me over to my back so he can lay on me. He is intense with more kisses and touching. He moves his hand to touch my breast. I am ready for him. My nipples are erect and waiting for his touch, his mouth. He moves his lips down to my breast, and I quiver from his touch. As he takes my nipple into his mouth, I start to shake with a need for him.

As he continues to move down my body, I can feel his need for me. My breaths become harder as he moves to my stomach, and caresses my breasts. I am wet and ready for him. I take his face in my hands and move him back up to me. The look in his eyes is of pure lust. I remove his shirt and he takes mine off. The air is cool, but the heat from our bodies is overwhelming.

We come back down on each other and continue to feel each others bodies. We remove the rest of our clothing, as if they were on fire. He lays me down gently and comes between my legs. He continues to pleasure me with his mouth, till I cannot control myself. I am ready to orgasm, and he stops. He enters me, with the most urgency. I take him in over and over, till we are both ready to explode. I open my eyes to see the steam from our love making rising in the cool night air. He is pushing so hard and deep in me that I let out a cry of passion that I had never known before. We rock and moan for what seemed forever and then we can’t take any more and orgasm together. The perfect ending to our nighttime symphony.

We lie there joined together, breathing hard, sweating, and feeling the most satisfaction ever. As we regain our breathing and bodies, we decide it is time to leave. We get dressed, fold up the blanket and walk out of the park. I am resting my head on his shoulder, feeling safe and content like no other man has done before. As we reach our cars, he kisses me one last time. Warm and passionate, but still a longing is there. I feel like I never want to stop. We kiss a little longer and decide that we must part. This night of passion will stay with me for days to come.

If anyone ever wanted to know what my most favorite thing is….I have to say picnics in the park.

caressmewell 54F

5/18/2006 4:18 pm

I love "picnics" in the park too!

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