Oops, having a temper tantrum...  

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1/24/2006 11:16 am

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Oops, having a temper tantrum...


Today I looked at your face
And realized the pain
That no matter how I try
It will always be the same

I looked in your eyes
No love for me was found
I tried to speak
But there was no sound

I wanted to touch you
And hold you so close
I realized I am not the person
That you need the most

You kissed me lightly
And away I went
You did not feel my heart
Or the love that was sent

In my car I realized
That inside of me, I am dead
I tried to tell you how I felt
You never heard a word I said

I can’t deal with the shit
Your lack of emotions put me through
I realized today that after so long
In this love, it’s all about you

You have never given me
Even the most simple thing
To give of your self
To realize just what I bring

I said I love you
I said I’d die for you
To you this means nothing
Thanks for sending this clue

Today I realized
That this can never be
The one love
To save me from me

Away from this world
Is where I will go
Where I no longer exist
I will reap what I sow

Now you know
Not like you will care
I am going to kill myself
I thought I would share

I would say do not cry
Do not shed a tear
Today I realized
This is only my fear

I am fading from life
Fading from you
You’ve killed my heart
So fuck you, we’re through.

I’m not quite sure how or when
But I know the reason why
I tried to be sad for me
But I can no longer cry

Soon I’ll be gone
There will no longer be a me
I realized that when I am dead
I won’t even be a memory.

So just pretend
You never knew me
Forget that I lived
It should be easy

Out of sight, out of mind
Never more in your head
The next time you see me
Realize, I’ll be dead.

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