Not only just to live  

evilgothgirl 53F
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1/27/2006 5:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Not only just to live

Sitting with my head in my hands
And knees drawn into my chest
Staring at a page before me
Of words which I confessed

Words may seem like nothing
But I sit shaking with clenched fists
Saying aloud the words of sorrow
Carved deep into my wrists

I am sick and tired of feeling lost
Having headaches and being ill
Having people looking after
Saying, “Do you need a pill?”

I don’t need pills to take away all that I am feeling
Because I have a soul inside my shattered heart
I know it’s been a challenge but I can push through
But staring at the scars of my past I don’t know where to start

That’s why I am asking for some help
Some help from a greater force
Some help and love that I can take
Without feeling of remorse

So I ask with my arms out stretched
Showing the world my sin
So please dear, take them away
My demons from within

Please, now I am begging
Forgive me for being wrong
I need to be within your heart
A place where I belong

So here I am, I’m asking for forgiveness
And I know it’s a lot to give
But I need a dream in life
Not only just to live

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