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1/27/2006 5:33 am

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Stuck in this life
And I can't get out
You think you know
What I'm all about

But guess what, Reality Check
None of you do
None of you know
The stuff I go through

And none of you see
The things that I see
You think you know
So much about me

None of you actually
Truly care
You think bad stuff
And it's getting really unfair

I cry myself to sleep
Night after Night
Wondering why things can't
Just go right

Lying here depressed
Wish I wasn't here
Living any longer, is my
Biggest fear

You hate me
Yes I know it's true
Do not deny
Because I know that you do

But hey just listen
Don't judge me
Until you have seen
What I've seen

And when you see me crying
Hoping soon to die
You'll see how lucky you've got it
And you'll realize why I hide

So until you see
What I go through
I don't want
To hear from you

And after you see all this
Maybe you will find
The true beauty deep within
That's just been hidden behind!!

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