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2/2/2006 6:31 pm

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Memories like a movie
Play over again in my head
I think all day long
Of my past, present, and future
Wondering how things
Should or could be

Your face flashes before me
I remember the good times
Hate myself for the bad
And think about what is best

Another face and more memories
I dream about how things should be
But what I want and what I need
Are far from happening any time soon

More faces fall into play
New characters in my story line
Thinking confused thoughts
Different story plots
The things I have now
I question if they are right
Do I change what I will have later
For what I need now

I know my beginning
I have my ending planned
But the hard part
Is figuring out which scenes to cut
To fill the frames

Putting my life in front of me
Trying to sort out
The pieces of many puzzles
Too many interpretations
Of an abstract script

Where is a director when u need one

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