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They wrote a duet,
But she sang the wrong part.
In the end, she over judged,
The feelings in his heart.

How can she continue to give
When everything she is, has been taken.
She cries for his understanding,
Each word, each plea, has been mistaken.

She let him go,
To relive the stress of knowing,
That the love only shared by her,
Was only fleeting, never growing.

Each day she waits,
In vain, by the phone,
Only to hear his voice,
Until then she is so alone.

She puts on a mask,
A kind face for all to see,
She dies slowly inside,
From all she longs to be.

Without him,
Is not what she wanted,
Her souls is leaving,
Her life is left haunted.

How long will she wait,
For the love of this man,
Forever, and always,
It’s the only thing she can.

He has been given,
Her all and everything she wished to be,
It was given unselfishly,
The one thing he can not, will not see.

To open his mind,
His eyes and his heart,
What is most killing her,
Is that they had to part.

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