What are we?  

eventidewolf 31F
11 posts
8/12/2006 9:10 am
What are we?

What are we from the sea to the sky?
The home that we see till the day we lie
As known by a name from ones we love
To the government numbers of self-destruct
What are we from the sun to the moon?
Planets that we see worlds once known
Specs of dust on a planet of rock
Once more together with one big bang
What are we from the heart to the sole?
The blood that makes this planet whole
As time goes on skin starts to brake as lives are taken
To the cells a number that multiplies by night

What are we from the end to the start?

rm_moonboy23 37M
893 posts
9/16/2006 11:19 am

what are from end to start

changing that is for sure every day

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