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Hmm... I just signed up for this account thing simply because of the never-ending irritating popups that appear on my screen. I've never really thought about joining this website thingie, but the account functions do seem rather interesting. Nevertheless, this entire website is about finding friends, and thus in order for that to happen, I must first start my first blog entry...

Well, I've always been searching for well, the REAL truth. How do I put this... Hmm...

The meaning of "truth" to most people is what we've been told is true. The "truth" is a the common perception of what is true, and what is not. Allow me to explain. We all know a chair is a chair, because we've been told a chair is a chair. We all know electricity exists because we've all been told electricity exists.

My entire point is... that our so-called "truth" is actually not what is REAL. Rather, its more of what we've been told is real, and thus what we perceive is real.

Electricity was discovered in the past. Before all our technological advancements, people believed that the Earth was flat. They believed in no such thing as outer space. So many things were not "true" then, until these new discoveries were added to their reality, forming the new reality that we exist in.

In fact, if something alike that could happen... then what else are we missing? What else could be added to our reality? What more do we not know? If the "truth" is so undefinable, and volatile, then what is the REAL truth?

The sad thing is, we will never really know. Even if someone were to offer us the REAL truth, we wouldn't believe it. This REAL unrefutable truth exists, but it is not accessible to us human beings.

The pathway to eventual enlightenment could be the afterlife, it could be transcendence, or there may not be a pathway at all.

Whatever it is, the REAL truth, our authentic REALITY will never be known to us. At least not now.

Which then gives rise to this entrapping and claustrophobic experience of human suffering. Of course, this can sound extremely childish, alike that of a whining kid complaining about how Life "sux".

But think about it. The fact that our existence can never be validated, and our purpose never be realized. It can be very frightening. Masking ourselves, and ignoring ourselves will not solve the problem. Evading the issue only creates temporary relief. When you're old, and you're wondering about your Life and what it's all about, you're eventually going to realize all of this.

People in Africa are suffering, living in disease and pain. The extent of desolation in places like that traumatize me. However, it doesn't mean we are free from torment. Our suffrage is of a different nature.

One of existential discourse.

How can we live our lives with so much uncertainty, not knowing our roots(not our culture etc, but our REAL roots), not knowing our purpose, not knowing our identity?

Maybe you can. I've been rather bothered.

I guess I seem really like a psychopath... But aren't we all psychopaths deep down inside? Our burning questions that remain unanswered, our pain that we try to hide from others, behind our mask, behind our self-erected defence?

I just prefer to voice out what others prefer to keep hidden.

Our existence, is an entrophy. Damn.

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