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9/2/2006 7:37 am
flying machine

Next morning I did not feel very good, and I felt strong enough only in the late afternoon to go back to the lake to see if I could find anything that would tie me to the lights I saw the previous night. The curvy little trail through the woods took a scenic route around the lake and only then descended to the shore. To get to the other side of the lake would take even longer, and when I finally got there, I did not want to waste any time because the forest would soak up the fading light really fast. Nonetheless, it took quite a while to find some evidence testifying to the happenings of the last night.
When the machine with the flickering lights came up, it brought up with it rocks that were buried below the ground. All around there were these grayish heavy rocks with glassy speckles in them. Those that I found at the site which I took for being the place at which the cylindrical machine came up were different. They were sandy, and the sands were layered, and they were of lighter color. I saw similar rocks before, but only once, at a place far from here, where the land was flat, and where the rivers were cutting canyons into the rocks.
I walked around the place where I found the sandy rocks, trying to find anything else of interest. Some of the rocks were half way buried in the soil, and there seemed to be a soft, hollow depression where most of the whitish rocks were still buried. I wondered what would I find if I dug a little deeper. I grabbed one of the flat pointy rocks nearby and began showing the soil to the side. Not too long afterwards, at about knee-depth, I came to some kind of a heavy, shining pedestal made of gray metal. Wanting to see the size of it, I cleared all the soil most of it. In the center I found some sort of a window, made of dark smoky material, and there were some more of the flashing lights on the pedestal, similar to the ones on the machine. They were colorful, flashing in sequence that sometimes repeated itself, and other times it did not, and there were also some kind of square small stones inset in the metal with scripted symbols in the middle. I pushed a big red stone, and from within the metallic pedestal out came a shaped bench unlike any I have seen before.
I sat on the bench, and something told me to put my hands on skinny bars running alongside of the seat. Unknowingly I pushed a stone that was placed where the bar curved, which my fingers naturally sought the end of. After I pressed the stone, strong flattened ropes wrapped around my feet, my waist and my chest. Then I felt some sort of vibrations and some kind of unseen energy began to rise from the seat through my body and then some sort of shield enveloped the space around me.
I was unable to move, and my muscle power was draining fast from my body. I felt weaker and weaker the longer I sat in the seat. Although the seat remained firmly attached to the metallic pedestal, I began having visions of flying high above the ground, as if I were a bird scanning the big lands all around. Apart from the landscape there also were these strange blinking arrows, and the higher to the horizon I looked, the faster I flew. I recognized the lake, the valley, and the river below me. Flying high, I followed the course of the river, wondering where will all this experience take me to next.
The river grew mightier the longer I followed it, and more large rivers came to join the river I was following. After a long while I thought I would come to the place where the rivers cut deep canyons into the earth, a place I visited once when I was very little. The strange arrows disappeared after a while, but now I began to see one again, at first blinking dimly, but becoming stronger as I followed the river flowing down one of the canyons. Then the arrow changed into a red blinking circle with two lines cutting the circle up and down through the center. The center of the circle was focusing on a certain spot near the canyon, and it stopped blinking the closer to the place I got. I was wondering what would I find there, so I kept staring into the middle of the circle.
When the flight stopped, and I felt skimming in my seat just above the ground, I recognized another metallic pedestal with similar smoky window, and similar symbolized inset stones on it. A sequence of symbols, the meaning of which I did not know, flashed in my mind, and I somehow knew that I would have to memorize the sequence, and the shape of the stone symbols.
If the symbols meant the entry code to open the pedestal, then I wanted to fly back to my little lake to see if the visions would show me the sequence to unlock the pedestal at my little lake. I looked towards the sky, the seat lift up and around, and then I followed the flow of my river back to my valley, hoping that I would not mistakenly follow another river. The more time it took to follow the course, the weaker the flashing circle and arrows became, disappearing altogether after a while.

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