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9/2/2006 7:37 am

Once long ago grandfather told me that the fish bite during the day, but during the night, at full moon, sometimes the largest fish of the lake come to feed on the easy pickings. I gathered some flour, mixed in a few eggs, little bit of yeast, then finely chopped up some leftover liver, and then mixed everything together again. I had a little leftover of smoked fish. I liked its strong smoky sting, or the way it gripped the tongue with its smoky flavor. I was almost out of flour, so by the time I was finished with mixing and grinding, the resulting dough resembled more a meatloaf than it did the dough that it was suppose to be.
Then I went down to the lake, not sure if the years that had passed since I fished the last time would not caught up with me. I brought a comfortable wooden chair with me, the dough and not much else. I had to wait a little for the moon to come up higher, so that its light would flood the whole lake.
I began nipping and rolling the dough into small balls and then threw them into the water. At first not much, but then the waves around the patch of water I was throwing the dough into began to churn with action. After a while there must have been a plenty of fish in the water then, but I was told to be patient, I was told to wait because the big fish rarely venture into the shallow waters.
The circles and fins sticking out of the water dissipated, the calming streams of water left after fish looking for more food disappeared also. Then I began to see some lights on the other shore across the lake. They did not come out of the water, and I was not sure how to explain them. One red light moving around a small circle on the right, and one bluish light moving along a similar circle small distance away from it. I watched the lights, I watched them pulling apart from each other, then they would move along side, then later on one would go up, and the other down. It was if one light was searching for a way to get near the other light without scaring it away. As soon one would come closer, the other would back away and its light would dim, until the distance was restored.
I threw in some more food for the fish, watched the circles and streams come up again, and was wondering if I should get into the water and start fishing with my bare hands. Something told me to wait. I was sensing a distant smell of tree sap in the gentle wan that blew from time to time from across the lake.
I wondered what the lights meant, and usually I would try to get closer to them, to find the meaning behind something that I did not understand. The way around the lake was long, and as it usually is after summer rains, the trail lining around the lake is usually very muddy. Then the lights stopped moving in circles, and instead began to slowly descend lower and lower, until they lit up the stems of grasses that grew near there. The light would shine through the stems and leafs, and then descend into the ground. I was bothered by the lights, my inquisitive nature was biting me for sitting down when I should be finding out what the lights were all about. But I stayed sitting on the little chair, throwing little balls of smoke-flavored dough into the water.
Then there came up some noises from the place where the lights have been before. Instead of two lights though, some kind of machine came up from the ground, and there were many lights on its sleek round, cylinder-like body. It reminded me of a tree that had all sorts of lights lit on its bark, growing faster and faster from the ground. Even though I kept on throwing the dough into the water, by now the fish stopped biting. The machine kept on rising and growing, and soon it reached the heights of the trees around it. After it rose to a height greater than the surrounding trees, it stopped, and the stationary lights on its body began to flicker. The noise coming out of the machine grew stronger and stronger. And then in the end, long flames came out from bottom of the machine, carrying the thin lit contraption high into the skies, and then even higher until it disappeared among the many lights on the night skies.
I have never seen anything like this before; I knew that I would have to take a good look at the place from which the contraption shot into the skies to meet with the worlds beyond. If it were to come back I would just hide somewhere, and during the day it would be easier to make some sense out of the whatever it was that I was seeing. But I would have to wait a very long night for the day to and chase away the darkness once again.

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