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9/2/2006 7:36 am

After I arrived at the lake, the thick belts that tied me to the chair disconnected by themselves, then the invisible protective shield dissolved into thin air, and afterwards I felt my strength returning back to me. I remembered well the sequence of the stone symbols after I arrived at the lake. I began to wonder if such symbols were inscribed onto the stones. I got off the chair and went over to the pedestal. Somehow it became covered with soil again, and I had to guess about its location. Fortunately the chair landed almost on top of the pedestal, and it did not take long for me to gaze at the symbolized stones on the pedestal.
First in the sequence was a giraffe-like looking letter, then turtle, three sticks, a skinny one, a thick one, and then a medium-sized one, then giraffe again, and a circle split in half. After an empty space, there was a symbol with a slash and some circles spaced across from the slash. I remembered everything as it was shown to me as I landed, but nothing was happening. I began to wonder if there was anything else I should, or could do. Then I noticed a large stone of greenish color placed at the center. I clicked on it.
After I clicked it, I felt the pedestal move, and just to be safe, I stood up and took a few steps back to see what would happen next.
The pedestal flipped over upside down, and then it slid away, opening a small cabin buried in the ground. There was a small staircase leading down to the cabin, and a few moments afterwards I was slowly taking shaky steps down the stairs. The pedestal retreated inside the cabin, and as I looked upwards, I was looking at the same pedestal, with the same inscribed stones, and the same metallic sheen. There was a similar chair to the one that I was flying on, and it had similar red button at the end of the bar.
I wondered if the machine that I was sitting in would close up, and fly off somewhere, and that’s why I felt a bit reluctant at pressing the red knob. Instead, I concentrated all my attention at a small console in front of me. There was a semi-circular wheel standing off on a yoke, and a few sticks with variously colored knobs on top of them. A blinking light on the console teased me to push it. I did, and afterwards the whole console came alive. A pressed a few more knobs, and after I did that, the console went dead. Not only the console, but with it also the humming noise that I heard, and then I saw the pedestal right itself upwards, and close the hole to the surface. A complete silence spread all around me, the only noise I heard was the buzzing in my ears that I was unable to shake off no matter how hard I tried. The cabin went silent, but with it the lights went out as well. No matter what I pressed or what stone I would push in, the lights or the voices would not return. I began to feel completely helpless, but I did not yet slip into my panic mode which would throw me into a rage, forcing me to find way out no matter how big of an effort I would have to unleash.
Few more moments passed, I began to think what I would do next, when suddenly the console came alive again, all on its own. There was sort of a window to the outside world placed on the console. Even though the cabin remained stationary, the view out of the small window kept shifting either which way, as if the cabin were flying. But then, suddenly, a commanding voice said aloud a sentence that very much alarmed me: “Hello, captain McWern, welcome back. Glad you could arrive to complete our mission. Which of the following characters would you like to hunt down to complete our experiments? A series of faces, some of which I recognized, flashed on the window. Even more alarmed I became when I saw my own face flash in front of me on the window.
I did not feel like hunting anyone down, I tried to assess my situation, tried to find my way out. Not really sure if I was doing the right thing, but I told the one who spoke to me, to show me pictures of the landing when we first arrive here. Without a word, moving pictures showed the scene of a flying ship landing near the lake. There was also some fire, and then pictures around the pedestal on the outside showed some dead men which looked unlike those that I have seen before. In a wink of an eye, shortly afterwards the corpses dissolved into thin air, leaving nothing for others to find. If those were the dead bodies of the creatures that flew this ship, then the ship I saw the other night must have been some automated surveying capsule. Was the capsule bring more of the foreign creatures, or was it to return without a soul when it comes back, I had no way of knowing then.

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