Upon a Christmas Tale  

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12/13/2005 6:42 pm

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Upon a Christmas Tale

So what of turkey, ham or wine?
I hunger not for food but you.
So what with magical mistletoes?
Your lips I cannot hope to kiss.

So what with stockings long and bright?
Your gift of love I cannot have.
So what with romance dancing in the air?
You treat my love with great disdain.

So what if I smile with Christmas joy?
My tears inside I cannot hide.
So what with glittering Christmas trees?
My heart without you, would dim and die.

December is my favourite month. Its the month when I celebrate my birthday and the festive mood is in full swing. This is also usually the time of the year when my heart gets all mushy and entangled. Especially so in my younger days when I was a hopeless romantic. Perhaps it could be that it would be the school break and my mind would turn away to other distractions other than homework and projects. Somehow, December seems to always be also the month for me, when relationships are forged or broken.

I wrote the above dedication to this wonderful girl V in the Christmas issue of the faculty Christmas newsletter in my 2nd year in uni. She was a year my junior in the school and she was a real beauty. But what drew me to her was that she was like an angel. Her voice was gentle yet sweet and when she smiled, it melted the hearts of all the guys in my faculty.

We got along pretty well as buddies as we both stayed in the same hostel and she often popped over to my room to chat. But I guess that she treated me more like a brother and friend as she would share her relationship woes with me. I didn't have the courage to express my feelings to her as she often shared her displeasure to me on all the unwarranted attention she was getting. Heck, I thought it would be a waste to ruin a wonderful friendship and end up with unrequited love.

So my dedication to her was signed off as "a knight in rusting armour", which reflected a lot on my mood at that point of time. She never even suspected it was me so I figured that I would never be going to be on her shortlisted list and so left it as that.

Ah..... such a feeling of nostalgia that Christmas brings......

georgina666 37F

12/14/2005 5:58 am

it would be so great to win over your heart for then you'd shower me with such beautifully written words...

always have a keen eye for your words,

eternal1969 48M
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12/15/2005 7:30 am


Funsassy.. I hope it was so too

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