When my wife moved out and I was finally free of her!  

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4/29/2006 4:54 pm

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When my wife moved out and I was finally free of her!

The last two years was completely dry of sex. If I was lucky I got to do it once a month and that usually lead to some sort of argument. Needless to say I was one horny bastard! During that dry spell I had many fantasies and became very familiar with my hand and online chatting. I even bought a webcam and would go online with a number of women that were in the same predicament as me. I found it very erotic and loved how one could discuss any fantasy openly. During that time I came up with a few that I was determined to act on once my failing marriage was over.

Within a week after my wife moved out I met several women. All of a sudden It was known that I was free. I must say I do get plenty of attention and workout daily giving me a very athletic hard body. No fat here! I had been chatting with women online that told me stories of how they would sleep with more than one man in a single day. I found that hot and I wanted to try the same thing with women.

There was this really hot blond that I had been chatting with on the internet for some time. Lucky for me she lived nearby. She too was ending a sexless marriage and was just looking for a mad passionate hookup and nothing else. We agreed that we would go out for drinks at a local club that Friday. To sweeten things up she sent me some erotic pictures that her “friend” (Which turned out later to be her lover) had taken of her. The poses were amazing. Her blond flowing hair, her large shapely breasts, her well toned body was all too much for me. As I sat at my desk I began to breath heavily, I was getting so hot that I began to take off my clothes.. First my shit, I began to touch my smoothly waxed chest teasing myself with light touches on my nipples. I ran my hand down my abs and underneath my loosely fitting boxers. As I reached into my boxers I could feel the heat radiating from my large hot throbbing cock. I continued to fixate on the amazing body of the woman on my computer screen as I grabbed my cock and began to slowly stroke it up and down. I wondered how she smelled?, what those large breasts would feel like? What would it be like to engage her is a deep kiss? Did she have a soft tongue? I continued to stork feeling the rush and the tingling of the ecstasy of the moment. I imagined myself kissing her neck, working my way down her stomach and teasing her warm supple pussy with my hot baited breath while listening to her moan with delight. I wonder what it would be like to lick the outside of her pussy every so slowly teasing. What would it be like to plunge my tongue my tongue deeply inside her while her moans got louder and she begged for me to slip in my hot throbbing cock. I could not wait! I imagined the feeling of sliding into her wetness. I imagined us fucking slowly building faster and faster. My hand reacted by stroking myself faster and faster. I began to shake and thrust as if I were actually insider of her. Just then I cam, ejaculating all over my abs and shorts. That felt great! The anticipation was getting the best of me… What would the real thing be like?

Friday was a very long day. I had been thinking about her hot body all day long, I even had to leave work once to come home a masturbate to her pictures… I figured that it would help me last longer anyway. Kim showed up at my house around 7PM. I opened the door and there she was even hotter then her pictures. She had long blond hair that was accentuated by very blue eyes, She was wearing a very low cut shirt that showed her cleavage right and a tad bit of nipple.. Her arms were bare tanned and toned. She was also wearing a very short skirt that in most places might not have been legal that showed off her incredible long and sexy legs. I looked to the right and noticed that my neighbor, a very hot and sexy MILF was checking her out. I started to say hi when Kim put a finger to my lips and pushed me in the door.

She then gave me a deep passionate kiss on the lips. Her lips were very soft and I could taste a slight bit of mint on her breath. Our tongues met ever so lightly, just the tips. As we explored each others tongues I began to rub my hands down her back. While our kiss was getting deeper she began to unbutton my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. I reciprocated by taken off hers. She was not wearing a bra and the beautiful tits that I had been jacking off to the past week were right before my eyes. She had perfectly shaped quarter sized erect nipples, I placed a hand on each breast and began to gently massage them, they were nice and firm. As I was massaging her tits she began to gently moan. I wanted some lubrication on my thumbs as was about to wet them with my mouth but came up with a better idea. I reached down and just as I thought she did not have panties on. I placed my first thumb on her pussy and it just slid right in. She was so very wet and the heat was incredible. I then wetted the other one in the same manner then placed my hands back on her beautiful breasts and started to massage her nipples with the lubrication provided by her hot swollen pussy. Her breathing became more rapid as my cock was getting harder than it had been in a very long time. She unbuttoned my jeans and began to slide them down my legs. I too had did not have on underwear and she had easy access to my throbbing hot cock. Her hand easily found it and she let out a gentle moan as did I when she touched it. She began to kiss my neck working my way down my chest and stomach as she gently got to her knees. Her hot amazing mouth found the tip of my cock and she began to tease me. She then began to lick my cleanly waxed balls. My head began to swim with pleasure, but I longed to taste her juices. She then inserted my entire nine inch cock inter her mouth. I could have shot my load right then and there and I did everything I could not to cum. She began to rhythmically move her mouth up and down with the aid of her hand. I loved looking down and seeing my hot cock moving in and out of her mouth. At some point the sexual animal came out in me and I decided to take control. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and reached down and picked her up. She was so light and her body so firm. She giggled as I carried her to the bedroom. I tossed her on the bed on her back and spread her legs apart. There it was that hot beautiful pussy that I had been jacking off to all week right in front of me. I started to kiss her toes working my way down her legs to her pussy. I licked the outside up and down for several minutes as she groaned with delight. She was so wet that I could see her juices dripping onto the bed. I then plunged my tongue into here throbbing wet pussy and began to lick her clit. She tasted better then I had imagined. She began to moan and thrust herself into my face forcing my tongue deeper and deeper into her until my entire face was involved in the act and covered with her juices. I found my self thrusting my hot cock into the bed as I ate Kim out. She began to twitch every so slightly so I knew that she was close to cumming. I got my self up a put the tip of my cock against her pussy only to pause and admire the hot beautiful sight. Slowly I slid it into her, I could not help thinking how wonderful it felt to be sliding into a new pussy. She was very wet but still tight. I had to work a bit thrusting deeper and deeper to get it all in. Faster and faster we started to move in rhythm. Harder and harder I started to take her. Our moans became louder and louder. I then decided I wanted her on her belly so I pulled out and forcefully rolled her over and inserted my cock into her pussy from behind. And grabbed that long blond hair and started to tug. She moaned with delight. I was able to pump her harder and deeper in this way. She began to quiver and cum. I was on the verge too. She began to scream as she came. When she was just about done I rolled her on her back and started to do her again. I was pounding her hard and she was loving it. She told me to cum, so I pulled out of her and grabbed my wet hot throbbing cock and shot my load all over her face, just the way she told me she liked it during our chats.

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