A morning of hot passion with her hubby because of her affair! (Part 1)  

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5/23/2006 5:34 pm

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A morning of hot passion with her hubby because of her affair! (Part 1)

I knew that my wife had been cheating on me. Earlier in the week I had intercepted a text message letting her know that her lover would be late for their rendezvous in the morning. I had suspected for sometime that this was going on but I never had any hard proof. My first reaction was to go up to our bedroom and confront her. However I realized that it would just end up in a full-blown fight and I did not have the energy to deal with it. I began to think about her and her new man. My imagination began to run wild about what they were doing together. What did they do and how did they do it. Visions of her taking his cock in her mouth began to swim in my heard. I imagined her on top of him riding his cock while he played with her large supple perfectly shaped breasts. My wife had an amazing body and knew how to use it. I began to get aroused. There on the couch only in my boxers I could feel the blood fill my cock as I thought of watching her face in pure delightful lust as she rhythmically rode her new man. I ran my hands over my body and down to my very erect cock. I wetted my fingers and began to play with my swollen head. Pre-cum was beginning to ooz a bit creating a nice creamy lotion as I played. I wondered if she touched her lovers cock in this way , the same way she had touched me for so many years. I was sure she did, she was so good at what she did. I began to realize that this whole situation was really turning me on more than I ever could have imagined. I grabbed my hot swollen shaft and began to thrust thinking of her getting fucked by her man. I began to quiver and ejaculate all over my rock hard abs.

With the hot cum rolling off my stomach I conceived a plan.

To say the least our sex life had been lacking and I needed sex really bad. I was determined to fuck the shit out of her in the morning before she went to see her guy. I knew that she would resists and I would really have to work at it.

I awoke early that morning and took a shower and shaved my pubic hair. That was the way she liked it. She loved the feeling of how soft it felt pressed against her swollen lips when she was on top off me. I got out the shower and put on her favorite cologne and the silk boxer that she loved for me to wear. I acted like I was about to get dressed when she looked up at me from our bed and asked what I was doing up so early. I made up some meeting excuse. She rolled over in her sexy silk nightgown and looked at me with an odd expression. I stop and looked her right in the eye and told her how radiating she looked this morning. She said I was full of shit. I told her that the morning light made her look very beautiful. I went to the bed and attempted to give her a kiss. She quickly turn away exposing her soft neck. She protested not now. I continue to kiss her ever so softly. She could never resist this. She protested again but I could feel her breathing start to change. My cock was starting to swell as I gently kissed and licked her neck. Her breathing became more rapid and her protests less strong. I worked my way down her neck ever so slowing while monitoring her breathing and feeling her lovely breasts begin to rise and fall more rapidly. I did this for some time until I knew that she would protest no more. I slowly removed her sex silk nightgown and began once again to work my way to her perfectly formed D cup breasts. I slowly ran my tongue between her cleavage working my way to her quarter size erect nipples. She began to thrust her hips as I attended to her breasts. Lightly licking one nipple while gently massaging the other while switching between the two. Her breathing was becoming even more rapid as I began to slowly work my way down her amazingly sexy tan flat stomach. She quivered a bit because she knew where I was going and wanted me there. I kissed my way down to the top of her swollen vagina. She was wearing no panties, she never did. I paused and wondered if her new lover made her pussy lips swell like this. I was sure he did. My mouth was beginning to water at the thought of tasting her juices. She grabbed my head and tried to push my face into her. I resisted, but let her feel the closeness of my mouth by my hot breath on her pussy. I then moved to her inner thigh and began to lick. I licked ever so slowly getting closer and closer to her newly waxed right outer lip. After teasing her lip with my hot breath I gave her one giant hot lick form the top of her anus to her clit. She groaned with delight while thrusting her hips into my face. I only hesitated at her clit her giving it a couple of swirls with my tongue. I then moved on to the left side of her very swollen and now very wet pussy. I once again liked from her anus to her clit on her outer lips. I went back and forth between the two sides for some time enjoying her moans and quivers and tastes. I loved the taste of her so much that I began to dive in deeper. Swirling my tongue on her clit and inner lips as she groaned louder as she thrust her hips into my mouth. I wanted her to take my hard hot throbbing cock in her mouth so I moved to a 69 position. She took me into her mouth while massaging my balls. She then began to press her thumb on my anus. That always felt so good when she did that. That was my cue for me to gently finger hers. I put a finger inside her anus while swirling my tongue deep inside her pussy tasting every bit of her hot juices while she sucked on my throbbing manhood. I wanted to cum. She was about to cum. I pulled away to face her. I laid on top of her giving her a deep kiss. We often discussed how we loved to taste each other after oral with a deep passionate kiss. She told me to fuck her. I sat up and placed the tip of my hot throbbing 9 inch cock just slight in her pussy, teasing. I then began to watch as I slowly slide my cleanly shaved cock into her very hot and wet pussy. We shuddered together and slowly began to move rhythmically. Deeper and deeper, she arched her back and began to cum. I began to cum with her. I could feel my cock ejaculating cum into her hot pussy with each pulse while she shudders. Once the magic was over I stayed inside of her until all my cum was in deep. I gave her a kiss. What was that for she asked? I could not resist you this morning, She smiled and got up for the shower and her rendezvous, It was going to be a good day for her I am sure she thinking. I was excited by the same thought too.


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5/23/2006 6:52 pm

WOW, I don't think many guys would do that. You sure you ain't going to get jealous after a while?

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