Why My Writing Is Here  

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6/5/2006 12:19 am

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Why My Writing Is Here

...rather than in the Erotic Stories section of the Magazine.

Because, to put it bluntly, A F F sucks. Nothing on this site works reliably. They find innovative ways to screw up the simplest things.

Like posting an article to the Erotic Stories section. I actually did that, or rather, tried to do that. Yesterday (6/4), I tried to post Story [magazine 927537]. Well, the submission seemed to work. A few hours later, I get email to my registered address, informing me that my submission has been approved. That's when I knew that all was not well.

Because the notice was from some "team" at Passion.com, not A F F. I'm a member of A F F, not Passion.com, I've never been to that site. I logged in to A F F, and posted my article from there, so what is this email from Passion? (Yes, I know, Passion is one of the F F family of sites, but still.)

Anyway, I pull up the magazine section and lo, it shows '1' against "Articles I wrote". Click takes me to a summary page showing zeroes across the board for Comments, Votes, and Score. Click on "Erotic Stories" in the category column takes me to the current stories listing.

Not there. Scroll down. Not there. Next page. Not there. Scroll down. Dates change to 6/3, too early.

Not there.

I try again a little while ago. Now the most recent stories are dated 6/5. Scroll down. Not there. Next page...

... has stories from 5/14/2006. The Page2 bug strikes yet again.

It used to be that page 2 everywhere else would take you to the Erotic Stories section. Now, A F F has "fixed" that by losing Page 2 in the Erotic Stories section itself.

Brilliant. Sheer genius.

I won't say that I predicted this particular snafu. I will say that I predicted that some kind of snafu was bound to occur, and decided from the start to keep my stories here.

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