Blast From The Past  

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7/9/2006 4:09 am

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Blast From The Past

One of my email addresses is more than ten years old. It's a shell account - anyone remember those? - with a local ISP that has managed, quite improbably, to survive all these years. These days. though, I rarely use this address. A momentary lapse some time in '00 has led to it being utterly "nadined" by now. Losing the practical value of this address has also lost me the stuff I used to get through a number of mail networks, informal arrangements where if you liked something you received, you passed it on to everyone in your address book.

I was reminded of this loss today when I saw a classic sendup on [blog fotogod]'s blog. I remember getting it ("I Have a Philosophical Secret!" The Lowest Rated Jerry Springer Show Ever) in my mail back when it first appeared in '99, and trying to track down the authorship. To no avail, of course. There was still a lot of untraceably anonymous top-notch stuff back then. Unlike today, where if someone isn't given the credit, someone else will take it.

If you're wondering about "nadined", it's a neologism. Google "story of nadine" (all three words within a pair of quotes to force a phrase search.) And rue the necessity of having to change email addresses to stay ahead of spammers.

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